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Posted 21 August 2023

Waitrose & John Lewis offers Police officers, Including PCSOs, free Coffee and Tea

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Waitrose and John Lewis are offering Police and PCSOs a free coffee / Tea / Hot drinks daily, as long as they bring a resuable cup from 21st August onwards

Waitrose and John Lewis are offering free coffees and other hot drinks to on-duty police officers amid a rise in shoplifting.

The drinks are aimed at encouraging a police presence in order to make thieves “think twice” about stealing goods, said the head of security at the John Lewis Partnership, which owns the John Lewis and Waitrose brands.

Nicki Juniper said: “Retailers across the board are seeing a rise in crime. This isn’t driven by a need to put food on the table, but rather professional shoplifters stealing for greed over need.”

Staff have also reported an increase in aggression from shoppers since the pandemic, according to the retailer.

It is hoped that free coffee will increase chances of a visible policing presence near stores as “even just having a police car parked outside can make people think twice about shoplifting”, Juniper said.



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  1. dsmsli's avatar
    Low cost solution to J.L security needs? Well done......
    jco83's avatar
    They literally can't do anything to physically stop thieves stealing. I was in a Waitrose just recently and heard some commotion, the person stealing bottles of alcohol was verbally threatening the security guard "I've told you, you can't touch me" and "I'm gonna smash a bottle over your head in a minute", they literally cannot physically do anything to sop shoplifters. All they could do was watch them leave and then contact the police I suppose
  2. joebrett2010's avatar
    BP has a non intervention policy toward thief’s to prevent staff getting injured and making legal claims
    plane_boy2000's avatar
    Imagine most places do. My nephew used to work in lidl and would see shoplifters, said no way he was putting himself on the line for £10 an hour
  3. legodealsmad's avatar
    Police in the USA been doing this for years in Dunkin Donoughts ! - my brother in law is in police in USA but doesn't take them up on it.
    RobertHewitt's avatar
    So it's true that American cops sit in their car eating donuts and drinking coffee? I thought it was just in films
  4. shtivshtiv's avatar
    Awful idea. Encouraging officers to attend specific areas with treats, creating a scenario where your business will get less attention if you don't offer something to have them patrol near your shop.

    Very uncomfortable with this. The police federation should publicly refuse this offer.
    AX31's avatar
    I sort of have to agree with you here. It’s a bit of a farce to be honest. They didn’t want to pay for permanent security guards in stores, or other tactics that other supermarkets are going with, but just offering a coffee for free which used to get nicked by customers so they installed those stupid scan machines! The irony…
  5. wilf1234's avatar
    Any similar deals for ambulance staff?
    andyp2016's avatar
    Free big mac at McDs so they can give CPR to the customers that need it?
  6. Tony_Techno's avatar
    I’m fairly confident with that statement…police forces will instruct officers not to accept.
  7. Big.Save's avatar
    The photo should be replaced - as they should be carrying their own cup on them, slightly misleading. Great idea though!
  8. hotspur82's avatar
    While I have no doubt that there has been some increase in shoplifting, I find the campaign by John Lewis over the past 6-12 months to highlight it and attain as much media attention as possible to be highly suspicious.
  9. loftie's avatar
    AFAIK they used to be able to eat in the staff canteen at oxford street when I was there. Not for free, but they paid the same price as partners which was subisdised and pretty cheap. I wonder if they still do that or not.
    plane_boy2000's avatar
    Think I saw this was also being offered
  10. Husla's avatar
    Need this at my local Tesco. That place gets robbed daily. You'd think to stop shoplifters especially on alcohol put the items behind kiosk or some kind of glass/plastic barrier..
    AX31's avatar
    Meat, medicine, baby formula etc. it’s not always alcohol and cigs 
  11. sskkay's avatar
    Police cars park outside John Lewis and Waitrose. Nice security measure.
  12. Topper1900's avatar
    Waitrose give customers free hot drinks anyway as long as they buy something in the store, sounds more like a publicity stunt by the CEO then a genuine new offer.

    As far as the PC's are concerned can they just walk into any random store and get a drink when they are on duty or do they need the OK from their bosses?
  13. john.moore46ntl's avatar
    Was in Waitrose in june. A coomotion at the door and a very smartly dressed woman was being questioned by the staff. She had over 600 quids worth of booze on her. Her coat was like the tardis I couldn't believe how much stuff she had on her. She was told that she was barred from the shop in future and walked away. I suspect that the "punishment" may not deter the future crime.
  14. luke.kemp's avatar
    "One coppuccino, please."
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