Waitrose Seasonal Garnish Selection - Was £4.99 now 99p!

Waitrose Seasonal Garnish Selection - Was £4.99 now 99p!

Found 30th Dec 2009
Waitrose garnish selection consisting of 8 stuffing balls and 8 mini sausages wrapped in bacon - all reduced to 99p! Doesn't appear to be online, but Beaconsfield had a whole fridge full of these, all reduced and a week or so on the date stamp - ideal for freezing for a Sunday roast!!
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Please don't vote cold due to the "was" price - for the "now" price of 99p, it's not bad at all!
sounds good to me, thanks, will take a trip up there later to have a look around see what goodies they have, thanks for the heads up x
Had to vote cold since it appears to be a local offer to get rid of excess stock and is a long way to go
Mr Waitrose is pretty hot anytime.
Staff are helpful & polite, food is great, they also have a more ethical approach to both supplier & staff (not to mention customers) ..customers tend to be polite too!
Waitrose is a store I actually enjoy shopping in (no plebs).
& every time I pass the meat counter I get tremendous reduced deals on Aberdeen Angus, free range pork etc.. so I'm happy, well stocked freezer & able to vac seal & supply cheap quality meat to the old folk near me.
Went in last night & saved around £27 on meat alone.
Some nice quality Quiches @ 99p
Cheap good quality croissant.
Humous (vat of) 79p
Taramasalata @ 37p
Pancetta @ 25p
Jarlsberg BIG wedge £2.25
Shed loads of good ham @ 67p per 100g
Really good strong mature cheddar @ 40p per block
cheap breaded Haddock, cheap breaded sole..
Giant tubes of smarties 80p each? (use by 10/10/2010)
In fact I think we only had 3 non reduced price items in the basket (water for us)
..If you've got a waitrose near you I'd keep popping in & pick up some goodies.
There is a general clearance of all their xmas hampers currently too (typically 50% off)

Tip balsamic vinegar on cheaper meat cuts tenderises beautifully whilst cooking (good for a manky tesco's roast especially) ,..a really useful slow cooking aid to get more from your meat.
(don't do it on a pan fry steak though you may wish to try it on freezer burn minute steak or similar just so it's not tough as old boots)!
I got this last year for 99p for new years day, hot from me
Voted hot, can't go wrong with pigs in blankets.
I am the same as Mr Gus, in that I went to my local Waitrose last night and got loads of good meat from the fresh butcher's counter at amazing prices, loads of cheap sandwiches for work today, and a whole load of these stuffing balls and bits for New Year's Day. Bargain...and certainly not just for 'local' people.
Everything in Lichfield branch was full price still last night when we was in there
They're are great for deals on the deli counter if you can go there 1 hour before they close.

Top quality meat and cheese but mostly not cheap.
look out for the new(ish) green labels on meat fish & cheese at their respective counters, this is the reduced label, wot did change a while back!
Voted Cold. This is not an offer. This is mainly due to getting rid of bulk stock, in my branch they're aren't that many left but they all have dates of 30th Dec on them.

These don't get reduced to a lower price until the section get chance to reduce them by putting a reduced label on.
i had these on xmas day. good for a fiver, awesome for 99p! HOT HOT HOT!!!
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