Waitrose Valentine Meal Deal £15 for 2 people (Thurs 10th - Mon 14th Feb)

Waitrose Valentine Meal Deal £15 for 2 people (Thurs 10th - Mon 14th Feb)

Found 8th Feb 2011
£15 Valentines Dinner for Two
Main course + 2 side dishes + dessert + Prosecco or chocolates
Offer available 10 - 14th February

Treat that special someone this Valentine's with a delectable main course, two side dishes, a dessert and a bottle of Prosecco or Chocolates.

Choose your options from the menu below:
Waitrose Deliver customers can shop this offer now by searching for the product codes listed below, for delivery or collection between 10-14 February 2011.

*Charlie Bigham's Hazelnut and Mushroom Roast (427313)
*Waitrose Easy Sirloin Steak with Bearnaise Butter (58916)
*Menu From Fish Pie (44400)
*Charlie Bigham's Steak and Ale Pies (38580)
*Menu from Salmon Wellington (24653)
*Menu from Chicken with Mushroom, Red Wine and Brandy Sauce (651708)
*Lamb Rack (507889)

*Menu From Potato Rosti (50700)
*Menu From Creamy Mash (96339)
*Spinach Mornay (97360)
*Ready to Roast Potatoes with Garlic and Rosemary (715114)
*Mixed Layered Vegetables (519252)
*Minted Mixed Layered Vegetables (571228)
*Chefs Vegetable Selection (582173)
*British Roasting Veg (668242)
*Baby Carrots and Fine Beans (85463)
*Caesar Salad (77466)

*Cheese Selection (593188)
*Pineapple, Kiwi, Mango and Blueberry 330g (435517)
*Fru Zesty Lemon Cheesecakes (43630)
*GU Chocolate Souffles (34163)
*GU Chocolate Melting Middle Puddings (541765)
*GU Chocolate Mouses (626783)
*GU Raspberry and Chilli Chocolate Pots (464966)

Prosecco or Chocolates:
*San Leo White Prosecco (611725)
*House of Dorchester chocolates (1159)

Thanks to jap200 on MSE


Thanks for posting, will pick one up on Thursday.

Better and cheaper than m and s

Not that great in comparison to the M&S deal.
The standard items above are not that highly discounted - plus you only have ONE choice of alcoholic beverage. Or ONE type of chocolate.
The M&S one has a large wine list of expensive wines (not just bolstered for the meal deal time period)
plus some of the meals included will be of the higher end of their range this time around.

(ps. not voted either way)

what is the M&S offer?
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