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Waitrose is one of the UK’s largest grocery retailers and also sells garden products, pet food, items for mothers, wines, flowers and much more. They also regularly offer big discounts on selected items and the latest deals are all collected at the Waitrose HotUKDeals pages. Read more

All Waitrose & Partners Deals, Discounts & Sales for March 2019

Get £50 off a £100 spend @ Waitrose & Partners (New customers / Works on Stamps & Alcohol)
Found 17th FebFound 17th Feb
Decent offer here for new Waitrose customers. Works for orders upto the 19th February. Apparently only working on some internet browsers. You can purchase up to 3 packs of stamps… Read more

Had my despatch email so all good £25 odds worth of substitutes though so they will go back


Just that my order delivered in Watford area all fine! And they didn't even question the fact that the order was just for cigarettes!(I know they're bad for me yes) Thanks @reindeer333


Order placed at 10.50am yesterday. Just had a receipt and all gone through and delivery is in a few hours. Happy days :)


Went through yesterday, but order out for delivery today at the non-voucher total. Called Waitrose to see what was happening and they said there must have been an issue with the voucher. After being put on hold, they said that the voucher was only valid until 11:00 yesterday and I placed my order at 11:01. They said that for the sake of one minute, they would issue me a £50 refund to keep the value as it was supposed to be.


dam stopped working, worked ok 20 mins ago , just finished shopping and get this The promotion code AQ1WFA1CC is not valid. Please check and try again. Please note that promotion codes are case-sensitive

Optiat Scrubs instore at Waitrose & Partners for £3
LocalLocalFound 16th FebFound 16th Feb
Optiat 220g scrubs in four different scents, was £9.99, now £3.00, instore Waitrose, Burgess Hill
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That sounds like a fun Sat night (angel) (highfive) (unicorn)


Ill join you. lol ;)


I bought one of each scrub, gonna get scrubbing 👸🏼


Excellent :)

Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Heart Gift Box 160g for £1.24 @ Waitrose
Found 15th FebFound 15th Feb
A delicious melt in your mouth treat (y) Milk chocolate truffles with a smooth melting filling including a truffle heart. Irresistibly smooth. Milk chocolate truffles with… Read more
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Wait! I've got a new complaint Forever in debt to your priceless advice.. Your advice.


Bloody hell! I spent £6 for that last Sunday at Waitrose


Says 160g - their smallest boxes are 50g I think (just a few chocolates). Their 200g ones are normally £4 in most places (£5.50 in Debenhams right now), though even £4 is overpriced for 200g.


How much is in it? Could be an extremely tiny box, haha.


Normal price, Lol. I wish. I guessing Valentine's clearout.

Kings ginger liqueur 50cl reduced £10.99 instore in Waitrose & Partners
LocalLocalFound 11th FebFound 11th Feb
Popped into the Croydon branch and they had about 5 bottles all reduced from £23.00 to £10.99.
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Ach. Missed this. Harsh voting, I reckon simply because it’s Waitrose


This stuff is lovely!

3 Cadbury’s Creme Eggs for £1 Instore @ Waitrose & Partners
LocalLocalFound 9th FebFound 9th Feb
60p each or 3 for a £1 Offer should have been on Lindt minis but worked for the creme eggs too! ( I won’t risk saying the g word though as I’m sure this offer might be available w… Read more
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Creme eggs weren't originally Dairy MIlk so Mondelez says they've just gone back to the original recipe. Of course it's really about saving money. Quite a few American "chocolate" bars are actually only "chocolate-flavored". Creme eggs always were a bit sickly anyway IMO, prefer Galaxy truffle eggs.


They are also doing 3 for £1 on Lindt eggs (small ones sim to cce), Malteaser bunny’s and the small square boxes of mini eggs.


I did wonder if there would be regional variation on those, strange then that mine has been 3 for £1 permanently, since when all through Christmas the deals for tubs of Quality Street kept popping up, they never once had that deal at mine.


All those complaining about the new receipe, I don't think its got a lot to do with Mondelez/Kraft. Cadbury were looking at how to cut costs and moving production abroad anyway even before the takeover. Cadbury were already a large multinational company and I expect they would have made the change anyway.


They changed the recipe. Also Mondalez paid £0 corporation tax in the Uk last year.

Goikoa Spanish chorizo picante ring 260g @ Waitrose & Partners
Found 3rd FebFound 3rd Feb
You can get chorizo cheaper in other shops but not as good as this one (imo) Was£4.32

love a good picante ring


Thank you for your inspirational words of wisdom.


You cannot view everything you buy as a base regulated commodity. Sometimes the quality of a similar product differs, that's why the word quality was created.




In what way?


not many things worse than frozen then defrosted duck


five pounds asda same weight with separate plum sauce I got two short dated for 3.50 each and froze them until needed,


Smaller portion of this (250g) is £4 at Sainsburys, so cheaper per kilo.


I made the mistake of taking the skin off and stir frying didn’t get any flavour into it.


Its been £4 in Morrison's for ages I know because we buy them regularly at 3 for £10 the dog loves them with mash

Lagavulin £29.99 and other whisky reductions, Little Waitrose & Partners, Oxted
LocalLocalFound 3rd FebFound 3rd Feb
Looks like Waitrose are having a clear out of higher-end spirits in this part of East Surrey. Various offers are available, including Lagavulin 16 (£49 down to £29.99), Jura Supers… Read more

Always worth checking or asking the person in charge of Alcohol when the next clear out would be. They usually all go same day so you have to be quick, our local did the whiskey reductions yesterday afternoon I picked up £32.99 The Glenlivet Nadurra £15.75 Laphroaid 10y £9.69 The Glenlivit Founder's reserve (1/2 bottle) There were others I forgot to take a pick with the prices.


There was a similar post a few weeks back. So although sporadic, they must be doing it in several stores. Just a pity it's not nationwide. For those who have the chance, you could easily resell these at the £40 mark.


Has anyone been successful with this at any other Waitrose than the one the Original Poster shopped at?


Buy the lot!!!


29.99 is an absolute steal for lagavulin 16...

Waitrose & Partners Taste of the East Meal Deal- 2 mains and 2 sides £10
Found 31st JanFound 31st Jan
2 Mains 2 Sides £10 Sides usually 3.99 Not all Chinese. Some tasty Thai dishes and other far eastern dishes included.
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Lol Apologies. Must wear glasses when using this site. I'll vote hot to recompense.


£10 Chinese meal deal at M&S a.t.m., plus an extra side dish for ( some/all? ) Sparks card holders (check Sparks offers and load it to the card before purchase). Bigger choice than usual, probably due to upcoming Chinese New Year. I don't have a Waitrose nearby, OP. :( Heat for your deal :)


No Indian dishes included in this deal.


Don't know who makes Waitrose Indian range now but it's gone downhill. Tarka dhal is so undercooked that the pulses in it are still nearly hard. Samosa's are also undercooked so the pastry is nearly white. I no longer buy from the Waitrose Indian range. Just make my own dhals for a lot less money and better quality.


Not bad, but Waitrose curries aren't that great imo. Even Asda trumps them

Colgate 360 surround sonic power toothbrush £6.50 each or 2 for £4 @ Waitrose & Partners
Found 31st JanFound 31st Jan
Colgate 360 surround sonic power toothbrush Surround design Surround Bristles Simultaneously clean both sides of the teeth, and reach down to the gumline On/Off bu… Read more

Been to 7 Waitrose & none in any of mine But thanks for the heads up op


Not stocked at my local Waitrose.


Its still available so not sure why people are saying its unavailable


Who expired this? Its still available in my local store.. Wish I could add heat... I am very cold



Cotswold Single Malt Whisky 70cl  46% Proof   - Was £45 Now Reduced To £14.75  (Over £30 Off Per Bottle) @ Waitrose & Partners
Found 31st JanFound 31st Jan
Purchased at Barry Store. I asked staff who said it was on clearance so possibly availabile at other stores .Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky is a quality whisky scores 5 Out of … Read more

Oh lok Oh a BBC article on whiskey! There's a foolproof source of meticulously researched information if ever I saw one! Newsflash: Irish Gaelic tends to be the more widely recognised form of Gaelic than Scottish, so it's the Irish spelling of whiskey that was adopted around the world. Just because the Scots like to spell it Whisky because of their own Gaelic form, doesn't mean that Scotch Whisky is a completely different drink to any other type of Whiskey. It's not, so when you refer to Whiskey in a universal context, you use the Irish spelling. This is what the poster above was doing: Speaking about Whiskey specifically as that category of spirit that is distilled around the world. To put it very simply: All Whisky is Whiskey, but not all Whiskey is Whisky - just as all Bourbon is Whiskey, but not all Whiskey is Bourbon! Whisky is a spelling reserved specifically for Scotch and outside whiskies that have adopted the name as tribute: Like Japanese whisky. So when you pedantically "correct" someone when they are using a perfectly valid term, you are commiting an act of pretentiousness on the level of insisting that people spell Vodka as wódka if it is Polish, and the cyrillic form of vodka if it is Russian (unfortunately HotDeals can't handle cyrillic).



I think you're actually completely incorrect. God I hate people who think they know it all. Go and learn something: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/whisky-or-whiskey-whats-difference


Not in my local Waitross.. what a shame..


checked the local waitrose and it is still at £45 :(

Reduced alcohol Local Norwich store from £6.99 at Waitrose & Partners
LocalLocalFound 30th JanFound 30th Jan
Various Reduced Spirits Local Waitrose Norwich e.g. Glenfidich 12yo 700ml £9.99

Thanks op. Managed to find the absolut freezer pack, 5 minatures for 5.99, maybe should have changes the title (embarrassed) for the minimum cost


Same at the Waitrose in Barry


Wow...that's a bargain for Glenfiddich


So that's what you bought - were there any other shelves left for other people? ;) (y)


Just when you buy a load of this cheap booze, don't forget your free coffee. You deserve it.


new name onlywomenhummusdontbuymen


Looks like this #MeToo movement is a lot bigger than I thought.


Indeed, and they have recently announced a name change: https://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/hummus-brand-changing-name-metoo-movement


Really?! Oh dear, that is unfortunate :o


Looks like an unfortunate coincidence, the food brand has been going for a few years


I love this and agree you cant tell the difference


You can usually pick up Vitalite for about £1 - much nicer imo


For cuckold soy boys who yearn to become sterile (oestrogen mimickers)


My wife keeps forgetting to get me these. What a cow! Who’s with me?


I'm not vegan and I use this, it's a great alternative and tastes exactly the same !

Swedish Glace Dairy-Free Dessert £1.87 @ Waitrose & partners
Found 26th JanFound 26th Jan
Available in vanilla, chocolate and raspberry flavours. Meets vegan criteria.



Sorbet then!


The chocolate flavour is probably the least sweet of the three. I don't find any of them too sweet but I can see how some might.


Found this one a bit too sweet, just me?


I love this even though I eat dairy

Hennessy XO Cognac - £55.49 instore @ Waitrose & Partners (Swindon)
LocalLocalFound 25th JanFound 25th Jan
Found this in my local Waitrose (Swindon) amongst the other deals they’re running on Champagne. Probably store specific and could be a one-off although I’m unsure why the heavy … Read more
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Great insight, thanks for posting


"I’m unsure why the heavy discount." ...probably because it's got a nasty 'Reduced' sticker on it ?


£80 in Hull Waitrose, still a great price


Out of stock now. Some offers on other cognac but nothing as good as this.

Whyte & Mackay Blended Scotch Whisky - 70cl - £12.75 instore @ Waitrose & Partners (Cardiff)
LocalLocalFound 25th JanFound 25th Jan
Whyte & Mackay Blended Scotch Whisky - 70 cl Not everyone's tipple and small discount, but cannot see cheaper elsewhere at the moment :) Found in-store at Waitrose Pontprenn… Read more

waitrose are going through a range review on spirits, so keep your eye out for some bargains. Got some snow lepard vodka down from £30 to £13.99


This is much superior and is an excellent drink for £12.99p.Highland Black Scotch Whisky 8 year old at Aldi.


It's not like I particularly want to defend this deal, but seriously, how is that sort of comment relevant in terms of cost or even evidence? "Hearsay my lord!"


bushmill way better less headaches!!!


Apart from the peripheral nerve damage and the fact that ingestion causes nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Sure Men / Sure Women 48H Maximum Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Cream 45ml - Buy 2 for £3 @ Waitrose & Partners
Refreshed 14th FebRefreshed 14th Feb
Love the marketing on these products. Buy one for £5.15 or buy two for £3 in total. (y) Sure Women Maximum Protection clean scent cream anti-perspirant deodorant 45ml S… Read more
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my order for around 28 of these got cancelled....


Offer still going strong


I did the same! Order came to £42 lol.


Ordered 28 from my nearest store as min order was £40. Only had 23 but still gave me the odd one at £1.50 to honour the deal . I use one of these a month ! So got almost 2 years supply for £34 instead of £115 😁 .


Bought some more this morning as my local store had restocked again.

Organic Heinz Beans 5 @ £3 60ppc possible 33p-40p each with Waitrose & Partners card Online(Currently OOS) or In store(Still in Stock)
Found 24th JanFound 24th Jan
*** They are running out fast stock up for apocalypse *** Waitrose have a multi buy deal on Heinz beans and this includes the Organic versions as well Original price is £1 each b… Read more
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I don't think so TBH I wouldn't like to find out



Don't worry, if you eat 20 cans, they'll be free-range as they come out. #pebbledash


Everyone has their own taste like marmite some like it some don't.... I have had own brands range as well as other brands over the time. I like Heinz and at the price for a Organic version it is cheapest I have found yet.


The essential range taste way better than the tomato sauce flooded Heinz beans.

Lagavulin 16 Single Malt Islay Whisky 70 CL 33% off Waitrose & Partners (Watford in store) price @ £32.49. Regular price £49
LocalLocalFound 24th JanFound 24th Jan
This is a terrific Islay single malt for those who like bold, peaty whiskies. Comparable to the Laphroaig 10 but a little superior. This hardly goes on offer so I was surprised to … Read more
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You’re welcome


One vote away to 500 heat.... Any takers? Help a HotUkDealer brother out?


Hi if you click preferences. Under privacy. Tick allow other members to message me.


Tried to message you but am not allowed. Am getting an error. You sure it's not your setting rather than mine? I haven't blocked anyone. Am on standard, stock settings.


Sorry but I can't find any settings on my app where I have an option to enable/disable PMs. If u let me know how, I can disable the block

Kenco Millicano half-price £2.50 at Waitrose & Partners - online/instore
Found 24th JanFound 24th Jan
All £2.50. Instore and online. Americano: https://www.waitrose.com/ecom/products/kenco-millicano-wholebean-instant-coffee/431734-118820-118821 Americano Decaff: https://www.wa… Read more

Picked up a 170g tin in Asda yesterday for £4.00. The 100g size was £4.99!


This is my drink.. And I only get it from HB now. I used to get the 500g for £9.99 in Costco, when they did it. But I only drink 3 max cups a day and it was going off before I used it all. These £2.49 100g pots are ideal. That's not to say the Op is bad... Some people prefer Waitrose to Home Bargains... So everyone's a winner 😁


Good price, although I have always seen it for £2.49 in Home Bargins


Great find! Never seen so cheap

GLADE Sense and spray with refill and batteries Rtc £1.49 instore @ Waitrose & Partners
LocalLocalFound 23rd JanFound 23rd Jan
as above found rtc in Waitrose reduced from £10 to £4 to £1.49
Listerine  mouthwash 500ml Buy two for £4.50 at Waitrose & Partners
Found 23rd JanFound 23rd Jan
Buy two for £4.50 or one for £4.65!!!!? Keeps teeth naturally white. Protect against stains by preventing tartar build up. For a more confident smile use Listerine® Stay White twi… Read more

Or just buy a non-branded-alcohol-based-minty one for about 69p for 500ml.


Cheaper at Tesco even buying only 1. https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/promotions/A32575694


This is expensive. Tesco normally has them on deal for £2 or £4 for 1litre. Savers has them discounted all the time, I would check their 1st

Cardhu Gold Reserve Single Malt Scotch Whisky 70cl @ Waitrose And Partners £25
Found 22nd JanFound 22nd Jan
seems to be a very popular and well reviewed whisky.never usually drops below this price.Rich and beautifully tasting Single Malt Scotch Whisky from the Cardhu family. Fairly dry w… Read more
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12 is my fav of the two, but i would not pass up a 10 if offerred. All depends on the price with those two. Small difference , i'll spend a tad extra on the 12. Big difference then the 10 is certainly very nice enough to have as a decent but cheap Single Malt. My last Aberlour 12 was drunk rather quickly when opened. It's one i always like to have in stock. Current situation = no stock. When it hits £24 again i will get another one (even though i am still miffed with Aberlour over the A'bundah price hike)


The Strathisla is often at £25 and worth that all day long IMHO. I tried the Aberlour 10 when it was at £22 last year and I probably prefer it to the Aberlour 12. Which would you prefer to drink?


Ahh understood. Fair comment (y)


The Cardhu just appears to have taken up the mantle from the Aberlour, which used to crop up at £20 almost as frequently.


there is no irony.if the whisky cannot be bought at a lower price its a deal.does not matter if it was that price last month last year.as i said to bear you are welcome to pay £42 that asda is asking for this. :)

Bubble T bath oil pearls 25s, half price RTC  - £3 @ Waitrose and Partners. Found in Mere Green, Birmingham.
LocalLocalFound 22nd JanFound 22nd Jan
Lemongrass and green tea, hibiscus and acai berry tea.
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Valentine's Day Meal Deal For Two - Starter, Mains, 2 sides Dessert & Wine for £20 @ Waitrose (more Valentines Meal Deals in Post)
Refreshed 14th FebRefreshed 14th Feb
Enjoy a three course meal with wine, fizz or chocolates for just £20 at Waitrose. The Valentines meal deal menu looks really good! Starters - Sweet & smoky Spanish tapa… Read more
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No worries (cheeky)


My bad. Sorry :)


I didn't, if you read what comment I replied to originally ;)


Why do you compare horrible Tobby to waitrose nice meal?


I bought the M&S one. The missus seemed happy. Lets see later tonight! :-0

Koko Kanu rum, reduced to clear £15 at Waitrose & Partners Wandsworth
LocalLocalFound 20th JanFound 20th Jan
Found in the Wandsworth store. I have left 4 bottles on the shelf :) . 37.5% ABV.

Bought the last two bottles at my local. Thanks for the heads up OP.


Didn't see it.


Was there any hal-robson discounted?


Strong coconut flavour but not sweet like Malibu - it's the best coconut rum around imo


Whats this like ? Much taste of coconut to it ?

Ecover washing-up liquid 950Ml Lemon & Aloe Vera + Camomile & Clementine £1.83 @ Waitrose & partners
Found 20th JanFound 20th Jan
This is the big bottle normally around £2.50 worth stocking up. Lemon one is here Camomile is here

Absolutely nothing...in fact I used to use Asda instead of Fairy as I thought it was better at cleaning for a fraction of the price. I started using Ecover as its only a few pennies more (you dont use much so the bottle lasts) and I'd prefer if there was any chemicals left on the plates after cleaning them that they were plant based. From their website: “Is Ecover Healthy?” Here at Ecover, we care about your home & what you clean it with. That’s why our formulas are made using effective plant-based and mineral ingredients which are carefully screened and scrutinised for their impact on your home, your family and our environment including eye irritation, skin irritation, aquatic toxicity and biodegradability. As part of that screening, we work with an independent third party to assess ingredients using the Cradle to Cradle methodology for human health and safety. As far as I can tell only Ecover and Method put money in to research on how to make as good cleaning products with less harmful stuff. Method never seems to be on offer but I worked out if I buy Ecover washing liquid when its on offer it works out about £10 a year more than buying the Asda. It's a different game with Ecover dishwasher tablets as they are crap (unless they have changed from years ago).


What's wrong with supermarket own brand at 50p for 500ml

Linda McCartney's vegetarian pulled pork burgers £1.33 @ Waitrose & partners
Found 20th JanFound 20th Jan
Tried last night, very nice! Also have various other Linda McCartney products (sausages/burgers) for £1.33 too. May be more convenient than Tesco/Iceland £1 deal. Online and in sto… Read more

So you didn't continue reading on Google about what all that soy is currently used for?


To be honest these are made with soy and soy cultivation kills animals. Let's not even talk about the fact that soy products are artificially manufactured so less healthy than anything that is vegetarian by nature like chips or pasta. I quote from the first hit on Google "Soy cultivation is a major driver of deforestation in the Amazon basin" It's only slightly better than eating meat from an ethical point of view. In the end animals die all the same, even if indirectly.


Why is this one cold? Since everyone loves this line as the deals always go very hot for some strange reason... voted hot!


Top comments as in, most liked comments. Try again. No freudian slip, not sure you understand the concept. Burgers don't look like an animal, they're shaped that way to fit inside a bun. But yes i eat lots of fake meats, because i enjoyed the taste, smell and texture of real meat. So i want to eat foods as close to that experience as possible, without an animal having to live through a factory farm life and death for me to do so.


How is 'Some really moronic comments on the Greggs Facebook page. Sure we can rise above that here. Definitely going to give this a try. Voted hot.' in any way explaining your point? Sort yourself out...and i like your 'nutty' comment. Intended? Freudian slip? :D I'll ask the question again, TO YOU. Why do vegetarians seem to prefer buying vegetarian meals that LOOK LIKE MEAT?

Kavalan Single Malt Whisky £33.49 (Taiwanese, lolwut?) Locks Heath Waitrose & partners reduced to clear
LocalLocalFound 18th JanFound 18th Jan
Kavalan Single Malt, reduced to clear in Locks Heath Waitrose. Unknown if it's anywhere else (unleash the geese!) Is well reviewed on Whisky Exchange. PRODUCER'S TASTING NOTES Co… Read more
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Have been looking for a bottle of this for ages, apparently a really good dram, but miles away from Southampton :(


Absolute steal at that price. I got one in the Amazon £42 deal and I’m impressed

Glenfiddich IPA Experiment Single Malt Whisky - £31.99 instore @ Barbican Waitrose & Partners
LocalLocalFound 17th JanFound 17th Jan
Part of Waitrose annual post Christmas Whisky clear down. 5 bottles left on the shelf.

All gone now.


Still at £45 in Putney


Not marked at this price on the shelf in Woodley town centre.


Uttox, non left as of 20mins ago. 😞 Picked up a scapa glensa for £35 instead.


Uttox had loads.

The Singleton of Dufftown £19.99 @ Waitrose Stourbridge
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
Title says it all really. I bought a bottle and left plenty Singleton of Dufftown

I'm voting cold coz the haig on that price is damn right dodgy for that rubbish, You never have a fancy bottle for whisky or even advertise it!


Lucky duck. Haven't had original Singleton for a while, got some Tailfire left in the cupboard, lovely stuff. Enjoy! (y)


Mate there was loads of reductions there. I was like a kid in a candy shop spending my £8 off a £40 spend 🤪🤪


Can’t complain at that price! Avoid the Haig though :D


Again ! It’s dry January, damn you! 😩

Waitrose In-store: Union Hand-Roasted Coffee Beans 200g £3.33 @ Waitrose
Found 14th JanFound 14th Jan
This has been my go-to for the 2 weeks and I can't believe I didn't bother posting this here. I drink milk based drinks using my barista express so I'm not a espresso purest. Sayi… Read more

Does anyone know if this offer is still on?


Would a Hessian sack be more appropriate?


Rave is the first fresh beans order I placed. I got a mixture of beans and really settled on their Mocha Java Blend, really tasty.


I use a Bosch bean to cup machine which I think makes excellent coffee. I have had good results with Rave, although I didn't like it as much as I had hoped I would, I have high hopes for the Revolution.


Much appreciated info here Pokey. I've just started getting my feet wet, I'm ashamed to say I've just started my journey from instant coffee. Since picking up my Barista Express I've really enjoyed milk based drinks using house blends from a few roasters. What I've noticed is that current my palate is accustomed to Arabica beans and that of a medium roast. I want to dabble in the aeropress/pour over in the future to really get the most out of freshly roasted beans and make out suttle notes. In the mean time I'm enjoying my flat whites and I'm 100% sure, allowing me to cover up my over/under extracting methods!

Beet It Beetroot Juice 1L ideal for cyclists £2 @ Waitrose & partners
Found 14th JanFound 14th Jan
Organic. Not from concentrate.
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Actually very good at reducing blood pressure, if you can stand the taste.


Cystitis ;) I love your spelling sometimes , makes more sense than the real word xx


I thought it said cystightus


Excellent for your cardio


Same price in Sainsburys

Beefeater London Dry Gin, 1L @ Waitrose £18
Found 13th JanFound 13th Jan
same price as amazon but they are out of stock.Award-winning British gin, born and bred in London.Beefeater London Dry Gin is the world's No.1 premium gin and the world's most awar… Read more
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Beefeater used to be our favourite gin, until they cut it from 40% to 37.5% alcohol. After that we weren't too keen on it, and we eventually ended up with Aldi's Cromwell gin as our standard for G+T. Have ordered the 70cl Beefeater 24 from Amazon instead, haven't tried (or heard of) that before :)




Good price for 1L although personally I’d choose a 70CL bottle of Beefeater 24 over this for £1 more (on offer at Amazon currently).


cracking info thanks