Walkers 26 pack £2.75 @ Iceland

Walkers 26 pack £2.75 @ Iceland

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Not a bad deal since it includes Worcester and BBQ


Shame it always includes cheese and onion.

Let us know where from OP.

The got to deal link takes us to another hukd page.

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iceland doesn't do online, it's a in-store deal only

They still have a website so you put the website as the goto deal


Cheaper @ Asda 52 bags for a fiver there
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36 for £3 at netto beat that

If you pay more than 10p a packet you are being had - Walkers have been on various offers for over a year at most stores, and no matter whether BOGOF, 100% free, Half Price, 2 for X, they vary the number of packets in the pack and it is always close to 10p per packet!

In other words, another manufacturer/retailer con.

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36 for £3 at netto beat that

great if you live near one!


£2.06 from milk&more


cold£2.06 from milk&more

Whats milk and more?


36 for £3 at netto beat that

They have put the price up on these to £3.49

What happened to the Ready Salted multi-packs or the big bag ones?

All them new flavours were a fail.

Just bring back Beef & Onion instead of the horrible new flavours.
When they were asking for new flavour ideas I posted Beef & onion.
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