Walkers 6 pack "ROLLBACK" £1 online & in-store @ Asda
Walkers 6 pack "ROLLBACK" £1 online & in-store @ Asda

Walkers 6 pack "ROLLBACK" £1 online & in-store @ Asda

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Walkers 6 pack (6x25g) ROLLBACK from £1.48 to £1.00

Walkers Crisps are made from good old British potatoes. What makes British potatoes so special?  Well, they have brilliant growing conditions for a start.  

Ever wondered, while tucking into a bag of Walkers, how our crisps are made? Well, we’d love to be able to pretend that it’s a terribly complicated process like rocket science, so that you’d be really impressed with how clever we are… But the fact is that making our crisps is fairly simple.

1. Plant a potato seed and pray for some good old British weather!
2. Pick, and double check it’s a top quality spud
3. Wash, peel and slice it
4. Cook in SUNSEED® Oil – naturally lower in saturates
5. Season with a sprinkle of Walkers magic!


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2x 6pack for £2 in Sainsbury - but I've had to stop buying these as it's just to easy to demolish a 6 pack of the chilli flavour in 2 days!!

Thanks for this, I shouldn't but go on then

Or 6 pack for £1 in farmfoods all the time.

Golden Wonder 6 pack Lidl's 79p

25g bags too! and far nicer than walkers..
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