Walkers 6 Packs - 62p instore and online @ Tesco

Walkers 6 Packs - 62p instore and online @ Tesco

Found 25th Sep 2009
Lots of flavours only 62p for 6 packs

Ready Salted
Walkers Variety 6pk
Steak & Onion Crisps
Cheese & Onion
Salt & Vinegar
Roast Chicken
Tomato Ketchup
Prawn Cocktail
Smokey Bacon
Barbeque Rib
Worcester Sauce
Farmers Choice Variety
Do Us A Flavour Winning Flavour 6pk
Gary's Great Trips Variety 6pk
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Great deal - time to stock up being crisp freak!!
Excellent, thanks
10p a pack wow
At last, a good Walkers deal where you don't get flavours you don't want.
this is great
Just been to Home Bargains and they had loads the same for 59p, just stocked up on Salt and Vinegar! Still hot deal though!
Great deal - I'm off to Tescos!!!
still £1.25 in Middlewich store today.
home and bargain in leigh are selling 18 packets for £1.29:thumbsup:
Good deal
good deal
Will stock up tomorrow, thank you!
thanks, good deal -
Hot tasty deal!
Is this everywhere? as i couldnt find it in Wigan
On tesco website they are 62p each or it has 3 for 2. Do you think this will still apply?
Good deal for a 6 pack.
Went to Tesco yesterday and didn't cherck the crisps...damn!
Heat added.
11p a pack!!?? Awesome!
Walkers Multi-pack crisps are only 25g bags. The smallest multi-pack bags of crisps you can buy. Worth 62p but no more.

Voted Hot for Walkers fans
awsome thanks
hot from me ive just bought 3 for 3 pound in morrisons
great deal 2 for £2 in Sainsburys.
mmmmm 6 packs of Prawn Cocktail for 62p. Win win win!
Love crisps BUT .... 1 Pack a Day over 1 Yr = 5 Litres of Oil :viking:

Good find tho M8 !!!
great deal
Excellent deal thanks
good deal will visit tesco over the weekend and stock up

10p a pack wow

But that's all they're worth in reality --- and they can still make a profit at this price, because they rip everyone off at the normal price. Crisps are one of those products they will sell at whatever price they can get, mainly because it costs them next to nothing to make them.
Is this the first time Tesco have actually done an offer on a single 6-pack of Walker's crisps? All the previous offers I can remember are either BOGOF (or buy 4 for 3.00 quid or something like that) or only apply to the much bigger packs (12, 18, 24, 36).

It's a shame that Walker's crisps went downhill when they fiddled with the formula (different oil used to cook them), so I've generally "defected" either to the Walker's Sensations range or to McCoy's (with the odd Nik Naks or Wheat Crunchies multi-pack to vary things a bit). This won't stop me stocking up on them at this price this weekend though, especially now that you can avoid having to suffer Ready Salted (which seem to be in most bleeding multi-packs, even thouh it's the worst "flavour" of the entire range).
Good price. Thanks OP.
just bought three bags
great deal
great deal, thanks
HOT!! Just over 10p a pack!
Remember on average walkers have a 2 month "best before date" Hot deal
:thumbsup: great deal
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