Walkers crisps variety box 44 packs £4.48 @ Costco

Walkers crisps variety box 44 packs £4.48 @ Costco

Found 3rd Aug 2012
As per title - box of 44 packets Walkers crisps for £4.48. That is just over 10p a pack.
Not as good deal as the B&M deal recently, but still pretty good.
I cannot see the size of the packs on the box, but google search reveals that these boxes have usually 25g packets.
There is 8 packets of each:
Ready salted
Prawn Coctail

And 6 packets of:
BBQ Ribs
Worcester Sauce
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Sorry, I now have a picture of the coupon, but no idea how to upload it now! I did go to edit, but it does not let me browse through my files now.. But all the main info is here, suppose no real need for a picture. If someone could please just post Costco image so there is something, I would be grateful..
Thank you:-)
Is that price including VAT?
Yes, it is £3.74 before VAT
same box was £3.50 in cooltrader, now £3.99:(
Tesco were doing BOGOF on 12 packs of Walkers Crisps (25g packets) the other day for £2.84 or something like that (Read Salted, Salt & Vinegar, Cheese & Onion, Prawn Cocktail) so 11.8p a packet.

Also, shouldn't it be 48 packs? 6x8=48 not 44 or are there a reduced number of certain flavours?
Sorry, my bad!!
Yes, there is only 6 packs of BBQ&Worcester sauce..
It's pictured from the side, and all the numbers look the same unless you look properly and I didn't even think to add it up in my head!
I will correct the post.
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