Walkers Extra Crunchy Crisps 150g 29p @ B&M
Walkers Extra Crunchy Crisps 150g  29p @ B&M

Walkers Extra Crunchy Crisps 150g 29p @ B&M

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Walkers Extra Crunchy Crisps 150g Bag 29p @ B&M

Flavours we had in stock

Simply Salted
Salt & Malt Vinegar

They seem to scan as Extra Crunchy 100g but they are 150g Bags



Hot, these are usually £1 in Asda and are my fave crisps atm!

"Save one, for me... new extra crunchyyyyyyyy"

Excellent price.
Shame they don't have the Cheese and Sour Cream ones at this price.
Heat added.

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£1 at asda/tesco for 100g these are bigger at 150g .. my local tesco is £1.69 for the 150g bag

are these marked 29p on shelves or they just scan as 29p? am pretty sure the one near us won't have any left ..

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the tickets on the shelf are showing extra crunchy 100g 29p but they are extra crunchy 150g.

think there is 100g and 150g in stock in the warehouse and they have scanned the 100g bags for 29p and also done the 150g for the same price!

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also we received atleast 20 boxes of these in.


Must stock up but crisps give me chronic wind

thnx will visit the store in the evening .. :-)

Nice find - Have some heat!

who on earth are B&M... not hot for me...

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B&M Retail

Stores are called B&M Bargains & B&M Homestores

Website: bmstores.co.uk

should visit one of there stores and see what you can find cheap.


Must stock up but crisps give me chronic wind

agree with you but crisps are so tempting ..

A shame there's no B&M stores near to me as these are the tastiest crisps bar none!


agree with you but crisps are so tempting ..

Indeed crisps are such tasty junk food, at least these Extra Crunchy are much lower fat than the regular Walkers varieties

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atleast 1 store opening each week so you may get one soon.

Stores in ,England,Scotland,Wales,Ireland

think there is alot more stores opening north of scotland this year.

went to the store and the shelf was empty .. the sales gurls said tomorrow morning will be the next delivery .. not sure what time they get the delivery n when they will put them on the shelves ...

Exp 26th march


Exp 26th march

not too good ..don't want to spoil my stomach ..

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expiry on mine was april ?

watch out for the new walkers crinkles crisp, wow amazing all i can say

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salt and malt - april dated
simply salted - 26th march date

the simply salted ticket says 100g 29p but the salt and malt says 150g 29p

so doesnt look like pricing error

B & M Stretford only have Salt & Malt Vinegar 150g BB 26-03-11
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