Walkers Frazzles / Chipsticks 8 pack £1 @ Morrisons

Walkers Frazzles / Chipsticks 8 pack £1 @ Morrisons

Found 16th May 2011
Good deal and one for every day and a greedy day! Normaly £2+


Frazzles are not normally £2 + between £1.20 and £1-30 tesco and sainsburys

these are always in poundland as are 9 packs of mccoys for a quid.
mccoysmore substantial, frazzle are nice though.

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You will find they are 5 packs at poundland/99p shops, It did say Half Price on the ticket. Never seen mccoys 9 pack at a poundland only 6 pack.

bought em quite a few times over the past few months, and only last week aswell.
6 packs with 3 free usually.
sometimes 2 free
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