walkers mixed box - 6 flavours - 36 bags for £2!!! @ Asda
walkers mixed box - 6 flavours - 36 bags for £2!!! @ Asda

walkers mixed box - 6 flavours - 36 bags for £2!!! @ Asda

Buy forBuy forBuy for£2
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Seen in store this morning...boxes of 6 flavour walkers for only £2 a box - 36 bags...thats about 6p a bag!

Will upload full photo in second post...

** NUNEATON Asda only **
- parisp


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Yaassssss! crisps!

Fab deal thanks - will be stocking up with these for my lot. Heat added

sainsburys had these boxes for £4 they did not sell so reduced to £3 great deal so i got 2 boxes but this price is very very good

They don't have them online in my area,and we are suffering with the snow and ice so unsure when I will get in to the store,thinking of braving it later.

Nice find, will be getting some in my local after work

Just sent my best boy out to get some and they are not on offer in Cas-Vegas

Crisps are one product that are grossly inflated in price. I never usually buy supermarket own brands --- but I tried Morrisons own brand salted crisps @ 24p for 6x18g packets --- and they taste better than Walkers.

Walkers crisps taste like cardboard these days.

thanx - will be stocking up.

These are probably store specific, most likely to a close best before date.

Will look, thanks.

Please dont all rush to asda to get these,i will save people a journey,its store specific,i have just foned up my local asda and they are not on offer.


what asda store was the offer in. according to asda no such offer

it must be certain stores only, just popped into wolverhampton asda, not on there, even asked a staff, who didn't know anything. they got 2 packs of 26 for 5 pounds.

what stores..anyone had a look in Birmingham

Why the buzz for a store specific deal which the OP has inadvertantly omitted details of said store?

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Nuneaton 24hr Store.

how has this got so hot? lol


how has this got so hot? lol

God knows, brilliant for crisp fiends in Nuneaton, but surely there aren't that many on here who can benefit from this single store sell-off?

Def not in my local store. Shame though!

Ohhh Just think of all those 10% off Zavvi Rainy Day voucher codes


how has this got so hot? lol

Just cos it doesn't involve you doesn't mean it can't be hot!

Not on offer at my local either.

not in my local store

What is the point of people posting that there are none in their local store if they don't say where their local is?!!

HOT! Potatoe.......


Great find Cheers

not at my asda

Bargain! Shame not national.

Called in Asda just to see about these - no boxes at all let alone £2!

Yet another wasted journey! >:-(

asda swansea had 24 bags for 50p last thursday, people couldnt get enough of them.

Why is this 1000 degrees when not even 10% of the country can get it?


Just to clarify, no one other then the OP has so far been able to get this deal then?

And to all those that say that its not on at their local store, have u just been told that/saw a different display price or did u actualy scan/get it scanned throught the till?

This usually is £4 for the box.

I got it & there was hardly any left. They are dated 11th dec 2010 so that's why they are so cheap.

No such offer in the St Helens store.

none in bristol

None in either of the two Warrington stores. Last time boxes of crisps were on offer it was for 5 quid.

People need to stop giving heat for offers before they've been confirmed as widely accessible. Deals which are seemingly only available in one part of the country are far from hot. Surely not everyone who has heated this deal is from Nuneaton or lives local to the area?

Of course not. But you can't take heat back, and of course heat is at the top of the page so when you read the deal you assume because it's hot that it's not likely store specific.

Exactly, I pointed out 24 hours ago that the store hasn't been specified. It should be on the thread title. People are obviously just adding heat without even reading the posting, let alone the thread. £2 for 36 bags of crisp that are off in the next week get's a cold from me. Add to that you can only get them in Nuneaton, it's freezin'!


I got it & there was hardly any left. They are dated 11th dec 2010 so … I got it & there was hardly any left. They are dated 11th dec 2010 so that's why they are so cheap.

that was my suspecion...who can eat all this crisps in few days...cold
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