walkers roast chicken crisps at Amazon for £6.93 Prime (or £10.92 non-Prime)

walkers roast chicken crisps at Amazon for £6.93 Prime (or £10.92 non-Prime)

Found 19th Nov 2017
32 packs of 32.5g roast chicken crisps.ive brought these for my mum she loves them and if you have maximium subscribe and save for next delivery its worth adding them.taking the price down to 5.89p only 15 of these so fastest fingers first.enjoy people
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You can get this sort of deal all the time. Asda do 3 packs of 6 walkers for £3. So you could have 36 packs for £6?
Those will also be the smaller 25g bags I bet too
ITMA1 m ago

Can't you do basic arithmetic?

nope and cant understand why its chilly if you can find these cheaper anywhere else please post it.its impossible to get this flavour in this size for this pricepoint
there 32.5gram bags the shop size
ITMA4 m ago

Stay clear of the bookies, you haven't a knack for betting.

strange comment but if you know me from bookies and from my tag.youll know that im the best in the game period
This flavour always repeats on me...
I like them and they're bigger than the average multi-pack size. Good deal!
Still available to order at that good price :-)
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