Walkers Salt and Shake Crisps (Formerly Smiths Crisps) 12 pack only £1.05 at Tesco

Walkers Salt and Shake Crisps (Formerly Smiths Crisps) 12 pack only £1.05 at Tesco

Found 10th Oct 2008Made hot 10th Oct 2008
This is obviously a pricing error. Walkers Salt and Shake Crisps( Formerly Smiths Crisps) 12 pack is only £1.05 at tesco both instore and on line. This is cheaper than the 6 pack at £1.25.

Normal price for the 12 pack is £2.11

As far as I can see this is not on any special offer and is a mistake.

Available both in store and on line



I don't beleive it!

They've changed the name from Smiths. Peasants.

oh the little blue bag of salt ......

Never been able to stand the thought of these since I had a packet of 'em about 20 years ago with a load of dog ends in it (honest truth).

why is it a pricing error? are they not just half price?


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Not advertised as on offer and more expensive than the 6 pack. Maybe they had not got around to promoting them when I went in. The website shows them at £1.05 but does not say they are half price.

Still a good deal even if they are on a half price promo

Tesco alway do offers like this, it won't be a mistake.

Dentyl mouthwash is £3.05 each or 2 for £3.00.

Nuts but true.

Going now to do a Tesco order and will get a few of these, hubby loves them, that's my excuse anyway:thumbsup:. Great deal thanks. Voted hot.

:)yes saw these yesterday and 12 pack £1.05 and yet the 6 pack is £1.25:thinking: a just love emmmmmmmm:-D

Great find and just got the last two bags from Tesco Toton!:thumbsup:


I don't beleive it!They've changed the name from Smiths. Peasants.

That happened years ago where have you been!

(Same with Quavers, Monster Munch and Smith's Square crisps aswell)

At least it says 'Previously Smiths' on the bag!

Can confirm this price was correct at Carlisle store today - regular SEL had 12 pack for £1.05 and 6 pack for £1.25.
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