Walkers Sensations - from 39p @ Tesco

Walkers Sensations - from 39p @ Tesco

Found 7th May 2007
Went to Tescos in Long Eaton on 5/5/07 to find large bags of Walkers Sensations reduced to either 49p a bag or the flavours that were being discontinued were 39p a bag. I don't know whether this is a national thing but is worth a look if you are shopping at tesco.


what flavor are they? i'm after caramelised onion & sweet balsamic vinegar

Noticed that they are 49p online too, and the small bag is still 39p! :giggle: cant see many people buying the small ones


what flavor are they? i'm after caramelised onion & sweet balsamic vinegar

Cant remember but check online, most of them were discounted

Only sweet chilli available online at my local tesco. Which is my favourite
Shame I'm on the special K challenge at the mo to slim down for my hols :w00t:

These are often BOGOF at 99p stores as well.

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Hoi sin duck flavour.

The are only reduced so Walkers can bring in 2 new sized packs which include a massive hike in per 100g price of up to 20%

They must think people are stupid and not notice the price hike eh

Who cares about the ploy of walkers.

This is a good price right now!

Voted hot! I am totally addicted to the Sweet Chilli flavour and will be dashing over to my local store first thing tomorrow as they have them discounted online but not planning on a delivery soon, so don't want to miss out! Thanks for the post!
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