Walkers stax tubes £1 @ poundland

Walkers stax tubes £1 @ poundland

Found 8th Dec 2017
Basically walkers version of pringles


Better than Pringles - much more satisfying crunch.

shouldn't that be: Basically waNkers version of pringles

Too sweet for me. They have glucose syrup in them.

Also a quid in Spar shops. Just bought some! Lol

These are £1 in Sainsburys too, also bought some earlier tonight

79p in poundstretcher

If you are hoping they are like Pringles, they are nothing like them. They are really hard and I din't like them, so would suggest trying them before rushing out and filling your basket.

Disgusting crisps don’t waste your hard earned cash on them better if buying 6 pack of walkers crisps

Contain pork in paprika

They're nice just as good as pringles in their own way, just slightly different
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