Walkers Variety Box 30 x 25g £2.95 Wilkos

Walkers Variety Box 30 x 25g £2.95 Wilkos

Found 1st Oct 2016
Walkers Variety Box 30 x 25g £2.95 Wilkos

In store only.

I also asked in store and it's national.

Less than 10p a bag!

8 x Cheese & Onion Crisps
7 x Salt & Vinegar Crisps
8 x Ready Salted Crisps
7 x Prawn Cocktail Crisps
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good find op, heat added
£3 in mine
what a f***ing rip off

what a f***ing rip off

​i wanted it to be answer to the comments above mine but im too retarded to do it
40 box 10 of each flavour 25g bags are £4 in Iceland.
Anyone want to meet up and do some swapsees on these because I don't like some of the flavours. I'll give you 2 bags of ready salted for all your prawn cocktail. Haaaa! You think it's a bad offer but there's nothing you can do - I've got you over a barrel smackin your arrse with a haddock because nobody will take them off yours hands. It's a buyers' market.

And you're paying the petrol money. And barrel hire. And haddock handling charges.
Currently £3 at Spar, just in case that's closer to anyone and/or you don't drive.
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