Walkie Talkie Watch Set - Ministry of Deals - RRP £39.99 now £8 delivered
Walkie Talkie Watch Set - Ministry of Deals - RRP £39.99 now £8 delivered

Walkie Talkie Watch Set - Ministry of Deals - RRP £39.99 now £8 delivered

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Walkie Talkie Watch Set

stocking filler for the kids

* A pair of High tech wrist watch communicators
* Chat to your friends for free up to 250ft away
* Plug in the headphones and press the push-to-talk button
* Five function digital watch with LCD screen
* Includes two watches and two headphones


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Cant Go Wrong For 4 Pounds Each!

I'm sure my two girls won't complain!!!


Yeah, even prop mobile phones cost about this amount - so a working set of walkie talkies for under a tenner is great.

Bought a set of these & 2 of the weatherstation alarm clocks on there, Fab stocking fillers!

Didn't know about this website, so thanks for that. I've signed up for their daily email.

I bought a couple of 'ipod' fm transmitters from the ministry. Neither of them would work unless you put the unit next to the aeriall! contacted customer services but they werent interested at all.

Then they email you everyday with more cheap and nasty crap - have a good look at what's on offer - its cleverly photographed and worded

Most of it is poundshop rubbish made to look good in the pics and description and offered at 2 or 3 pounds.

You get what you pay for with companies like this - personally I'd avoid like the plague

Be interesting to hear what the range/sound quality on these walkie talkies are - same room and incomprehensible crackling I'll bet



Has anyone ever seen these in action? Would like to know if they are any good before i buy...

Fantastic. That's another xmas prezzie sorted Thanks a lot op.

Doubt these will be any good .. have returned toy type ones before.

You better off paying £18 for proper ones with multiple channels, voice activated, 6km range with rechargeable with base station included etc .. only £10 more ... Morrisons in-store at the mo.

Sorry OP, no offence, but IMHO a deal is a deal yes, but better a deal at £18 for something that actually works, than £8 for something that's going to probably be binned.
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