Wall Calender & Desk Calenders

Wall Calender & Desk Calenders

Found 3rd Sep 2008
At Vista print you can get one wall Calender & Desk calender for free. You do have to pay postage and there is a cost if you upload your own photos. However, I just ordered both and only paid £11. A saving of £15. Might be worth it for Christmas !
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Wait till they start spamming you:whistling: not voted

Hardly Free

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I realise that some people have had bad experiences with Vista print. I have to say I haven't - I've ordered from them before and had no problems at all.

Hi what you do is make your calender/tshirt or buisness cards or whatever you want save it then go to checkout but don't buy it then log off , you will then start to get emails with all sorts of money saving deals i have had a lot of good deals off them

There have been loads of complaints here about Vista Print continuing to charge cards each month.

If they are trying to say something is free - when it clearly is not - this just furthers that dodgy aspect.

they continued to charge my card every month as well.

what happens is as your checking out it asks if you want £10 off your next order, when you click yes you're signing up for their rewards club and they charge you £9.99 a month most of the time without you knowing. its very crafty. :x

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I understand what you're all saying.....and they did offer me 25% off my next order but I said no. I'll wait and see what happens

I used Paypal and didn't sign up for anything else. We shall see!
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