WALL E Game PS3 - £7.99 and free Delivery @ HMV.com
WALL E Game PS3 - £7.99 and free Delivery @ HMV.com

WALL E Game PS3 - £7.99 and free Delivery @ HMV.com

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Bear with me as this is my first post.

Wall E Game on the PS3 £7.99 with free delivery!

Found this on HMV. I haven't seen this game under £9.99, so I think it's the cheapest place to buy this!


Anyone got this?

Just wondering whether to go for it

:thumbsup::thumbsup:Great price!!:thumbsup::thumbsup:


If I'm ever unsure about a game I always goto [url]www.youtube.com[/url] and type the console name, then the game name in.

so PS3 Wall-e

This will bring up lots of reviews and trailers and some gameplay footage of the game itself so you can amke a decent judgement on if you like the style of the game or not.

Just thought I might try and help, I'm yet to beat anyone to actually post a deal yet!!! But my day will come! lol You lot are just too quick.

Thanks for all the help and bargains though all, happy new year.

Movie adaption. That alone will give you an idea of the quality. Only a few in the past decade have lived up to the hype.

Probably great if youve got a kid who's a fan, and just wants to prolonge the movie experience.

Bargain....still £9 in cash or £13 trade in in CEX!

Jeez when did ps3 games become so cheap? I mean, I know its Wall-E and its an extreme example, but the super expensive console doesnt seem quite so super expensive these days...

I've played this game with my nephews. They are young (4 and 5), they love it. I didn't enjoy it that much. The movie was great, but the game is better suited for kids.

**** game..bought it for 9.99 in Comet..

yet another pixar game that is way too hard for the younger audience its aimed at.. (ratatouille springs to mind)

dont forget quidco


Comes 247th out of a total of 266 PS3 games reviewed - looks like a real stinker!

Despite some adverse comments this can only be classed as "Excellent" value for money. Just ordered one.

The single worst game I have ever played on the PS3. If you think this is a bargain, think again. Spend your money on something else.

:santa: Great deal - just orderd one cheap game not seen Wall.E game this cheap grab one before they go. :thumbsup:


red hot price voted HOT http://www.avatarjunkie.net/cimg/f63f65b503e22cb970527f23c9ad7db1.gif



red hot price voted HOT

Chips aren't this cheap. Thanks OP!

Now £27.99
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