WALL-E Xbox 360 £3.74 @ Currys (others also 50% off)

WALL-E Xbox 360 £3.74 @ Currys (others also 50% off)

Found 27th Sep 2009Made hot 27th Sep 2009
Not the best game available but many kids would play it happily for a few hours or more...

Was in Currys Lancaster and they had this and also other games with 50% off like:
Too Human @ £5.74, Prince of Persia and others.
May be store specific - may not.

Next best price I can find is £8.49 @ Amazon.
Not available online.


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£3.84 is a bargain for most games and i'm sure children will enjoy this.

Having said that, I got stuck on it and i'm a 30 year old...

Most children will hate it.
I know it's Wall-E but it's full of bugs and glitches that seriously hamper gameplay.
There are also moments that will be too tough for most kids (and even some adults.. lol)
Whilst this may seem a good deal, it is a really bad game. Not enjoyable for kids at all.
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