Wall & Piece (Book) - £7.49 @ Amazon

Wall & Piece (Book) - £7.49 @ Amazon

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I posted this book before Christmas when it was more expensive, its now got an even better price so I though people might like to know.

Product Description
Book Description
The collected works of Britain’s most wanted artist. Now contains additional new material.
Product Description

Artistic genius, political activist, painter and decorator, mythic legend or notorious graffiti artist? The work of Banksy is unmistakable, except maybe when it’s squatting in the Tate or New York’s Metropolitan Museum. Banksy is responsible for decorating the streets, walls, bridges and zoos of towns and cites throughout the world.

Witty and subversive, his stencils show monkeys with weapons of mass destruction, policeman with smiley faces, rats with drills and umbrellas.If you look hard enough you’ll find your own. His statements, incitements, ironies and epigrams are by turns intelligent and cheeky comments on everything from the monarchy and capitalism to the war in Iraq and farm animals.

His identity remains unknown, but his work is prolific. Here's the best of his work in a fully illustrated colour volume – including brand material.


It's a nice book with some great pictures. Not much background info so it wont take more that 30 minutes to read the whole thing. Don't think his identity is still unknown though

Yes but the point is no one really cares who HE is, the media have prob known for some time, it's just the enigma is more fun than dave from benton street, his street art is what's most fun anyway

He's The Stig of the art world

Good book but I got it in a 3 for £12 deal from play.com a while ago
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