Wall Planner ebuyer 2015 - 29p with free delivery - Amazon / Ebuyer
Wall Planner ebuyer 2015 - 29p with free delivery - Amazon / Ebuyer

Wall Planner ebuyer 2015 - 29p with free delivery - Amazon / Ebuyer

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Looking for a cheap Wall Planner and saw this on here earlier for £3.00 which I thought was a good deal.
Went on Amazon and saw it on there for 29p ad free delivery supplied the same company ebuyer.

2-sided with term time on reverse so perfect for study timetable or schools.
- sw02jco

Ebuyers own website 2p only for first and then 1p each extra. Check your ebuyer account by adding in basket and logging in to see if you qualify for free next day delivery

- upsy


Hot! Partner will love this, seriously! Thanks op.

Thanks dude!

Thanks a lot. Missed the previous offer so have ordered 2

Thanks just order 1

got this for 2p from ebuyer direct !!!



got this for 2p from ebuyer direct !!!

Gutted just paid 29p for it from Amazon :-( !!

The last 2 years I've gone for the same deal advertised on this site and I've never received anything other than shed-loads of admail from them and associated partners.

Doesn't come up as free delivery direct from them.

Original Poster

2p from ebuyer + £2.98 delivery (cheapest option)


Great find OP...cheers. Dead handy for work. Thanks!

Great deal, esp as the term time option on the reverse for school which takes you half way through 2016!
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Was 2p delivered last week before the error was rectified.

Cheers op. Know a few people who need some of these.



Hot! Partner will love this, seriously! Thanks op.

Easily pleased lol

Got one of these when they were a pound delivered. Took about 3 weeks to turn up but it eventually did arrive.

Great deal.. ordered 3.. thanks OP

Thanks ordered

Great deal!

Cheers Dude, HEAT added

Would never have got one honestly, but at this price... seems better than a calendar! Should keep me organized Bought!

Ordered 2


great find, hot, thanks. ordered on their side, was showing free next day delivery in my account. guys do login to your ebuyer account to see if you got free delivery. I am getting free next day delivery this month banner in their promotional emails from last few months and have not paid delivery charges on last few orders.http://s7.postimg.org/atzs5tnvf/Capture.jpg

Sweet just perfect for the kitchen

amazing deal

ROFL - this is just a rip of this morning post

Bought 25 off ebuyer for 30p with free p+p

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Really good Deal... Thanks


Bought 25 off ebuyer for 30p with free p+p

How did you get that..? It doesn't give me any option for free delivery..:|

I get offered free next day delivery each month off ebuyer - not sure why

Cheers OP hot!

purchased a few for colleagues at work, got free next day delivery :-)

10 is enough for our office + home. no need to be greedy

Dear Darren Pullen,

You sent a payment of £0.12 GBP to Ebuyer (UK) Limited.

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Thanks got it for 29p on amazon

ebuyer showing 2p with ridiculous delivery costs. well worth 29p delivered heated add :*)

Cheers GR8 deal @ 29p on Amazon

Heat added first thing I bought through hukd thanks all

Being a long time customer on eBuyer, they offer free delivery for me on most purchases. As they did with this one, best 2p I even spent. Next working day free shipping... on a 2p purchase! Feel sorry for them.

ordered thanks thought it would be useful for partner to write all football matches on he wants to watch lol

thanks OP just ordered 7, one for each day of the week
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