Wall Street [Blu-ray] £7.85 @ Zavvi

Wall Street [Blu-ray] £7.85 @ Zavvi

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Found 13th Feb 2010
Good price as elsewhere this is-
SelectCheaper £9.43
MovieMail £11.49
Amazon UK £11.88
SendIt.com £11.89
HMV £15.99
Play.com £16.99
Game £19.56

From the director of 'Platoon', Oliver Stone, comes a new battle set in the greatest jungle of them all, Wall Street: a place where honour is traded for power, and peace of mind for a piece of the action. Against this background, two men form a dangerous friendship - one a ruthless multi-millionaire corporate raider, the other a newly minted power hungry young broker. Two men trading their women, families and each other against all odds and every rule in the book...

Wall Street 2 out later this year too

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A classic. Not many films get to define an era. This one and Gordon Gecko definitely did.
"Greed is good"
"Lunch is for wimps"
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