Wallace & Gromit Snack time alarm was £25.00 now £12.00 delivered @ Debenhams

Wallace & Gromit Snack time alarm was £25.00 now £12.00 delivered @ Debenhams

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Found 26th Nov 2009
The contraption designed by Wallace to stop snacking all day long! Fill the drawer with your favourite biscuits and treats then set the timer drum by winding it up to the time delay of your choice. Watch and wait as the water filled drum rolls slowly down until reaching the bottom, where it sets off a bell and unlocks the snack filled drawer. The drum goes very slowly towards the ground because the water has to trickle through to the next segment before gravity takes control and the drum rolls down a tiny distance. An ideal toy for those who want break time to be a little bit more of an occasion.


Original Poster mod


Original Poster mod

Use PG7P,SHD1 to buy at this price

Thanks Andy - perfect Christmas present, and a bargain to boot.

Have some heat.

nowt can stop me getting to my snacks!
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