Wall's Lollies (Split, Starship 4, Twister, Calippo Etc) Lip Balms, 2 For £1 @ Poundland

Wall's Lollies (Split, Starship 4, Twister, Calippo Etc) Lip Balms, 2 For £1 @ Poundland

LocalFound 2nd Sep 2016
Came across these earlier in my local Poundland - Trongate, Glasgow.

This store has Twister, Split, Starship 4, Calippo (orange and lemon lime) varieties in cardboard strip packs but looks like there's more out there, from Googling, such as Funny Feet, Feast and Mini Milk (different flavours - chocolate, milk, strawberry).

Great for stockings (if you're like me and plan Xmas early!).
Picture of items and receipt in Post #1.
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Looks like there could also be Mini Milk, Funny Feet and Feast out there too?

Google images pic:http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/M60AAOxy5rpSPyRb/s-l1600.jpg

Here's a sort-of review of the above six flavours: bunnycookie.com/wal…rs/

Here's a review of the Calippo varieties (only saw Orange and Lemon Lime in my Poundland, apparently there's also a Strawberry Tropical). Calippo Lip Smackers lip balm review: bunnycookie.com/cal…ew/


My selection, and receipt:
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didn't know they had a freezer sectiob
Great find
Ah, it's been on HUKD already (tried various search terms and nothing came up - sorry!) hotukdeals.com/dea…430
good find op, heat added
In case anyone's curious about the flavours, some aren't as obvious as others (from the above reviews):

Starship 4 looks like a rocket pop style popsicle. The lip balm is a very distinct Lip Smacker grape which is fine by me, the more grape they do the better

Feast looks like a chocolate lover’s dream on a stick. Bonne Bell always does well with chocolate flavors!

Twister is my favorite from the set! It’s described as “pineapple ice cream and lemon-lime flavoured fruit ice on the outside and strawberry on the inside.”
I definitely pick up on these flavors, especially a creamy pineapple-strawberry and lime.

Strawberry Split is the classic strawberry, while Funny Feet is a creamier strawberry vanilla

Mini Milk trio (are) in their respective flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla.

About the Calippos:
The flavors seem to be slightly enhanced versions of their current Bonne Bell Lip Smacker counterparts: Lemon Lime is more lemon-y than Sprite, Strawberry Tropical is more strawberry-y than Tropical Punch, and Orange has a stronger citrus scent than Orange Juice.

didn't know they had a freezer sectiob

​They're lip balms
Saw the Strawberry Tropical Calippo lip balms in Trongate yesterday, might get some more for stockings
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