Wall's original/mint viennetta £1 @ asda

Wall's original/mint viennetta £1 @ asda

Found 19th Mar 2011Made hot 19th Mar 2011
wall's vienetta mint and original vanilla £1. just picked one up and eating as i type this


Can you eat it in 30 seconds?

haha, viennettas are so damn tasty! ><
gotta love them.

(also, it would literally be heroic if you could consume a whole viennetta in thirty seconds!)


Used to see the adverts when I was a kid, longed to taste some, years later when I finally got to taste some it was yuck

My granny always had a Viennetta in the freezer...they were brilliant!

Used to look forward to having one of these 'posh' deserts when I was younger, made a change from the Arctic Roll, or Dairy Cream Sponge out of Bejam's.Haven't had one of these in a long time, but yes , I do like them, and yes I probably could eat one in 30 seconds, but it wouldn't be pretty!

Great deal @ a £1! Have a little heat, don't want it to get too hot, they might melt!

Have a look at the ingredients... Wall may pretend this is premium ice cream, but actually it is not really ice cream, and it is fully of chemicals.

I would rather go for some fancy real ice cream, even if it costs a bit more.

my wife loves this ice cream. so will be stocking up on these and who gives a $h1t whats in it as long as it tastes good.

I like the chewy chocolate.
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