Waltz With Bashir - £4.99 @ HMV

Waltz With Bashir - £4.99 @ HMV

Found 8th Sep 2009Made hot 9th Sep 2009
One of the very best films of the year at a fantastic price.
Certainly not an easy watch, but easily one of the most remarkable documentaries I've ever seen.


Very good price indeed for a relatively new release... next best price is £8.93 @ The Hut

nice price - shall order! I remember seeing it for £9.99 recently, though can't recall where.



What THIS guy ?!?!

What is it a Come Dancing Thing ??? ;-)

Nice find, heard good things.

Cheers - ordered


What THIS guy ?!?!What is it a Come Dancing Thing ??? ;-)

No not him. Incidentally i always use my middle finger, it is by far the strongest. :whistling:

Having not heard of the title before - my first thought was a dancing video by MJ favourite friend. Upon some more research I found out exactly what this film was about and became far more interested.

Its not about come dancing - its about the Sabra and Shatila massacre/genocide in 1982 (well before my time).
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