Wanhao i3Plus Duplicator; 3D Printer  	£270.51  Amazon

Wanhao i3Plus Duplicator; 3D Printer £270.51 Amazon

£270.51Amazon Deals


Ordered. Will be my first printer, although i have used them before.

I have always been waiting for the technology to get better, like VR (which i also just bought).
I know very little about 3D printers but would like to eventually get one for some prototyping work (accessories).
hopefully some experts could help with my questions?

# Is the market like the phone market? - where by new tech comes around 2-3 years and is x2 better etc?

# how up-gradable is it? do you need to upgrade it? Say if i wanted to use different plastics, harder or higher quality? plastics, would it be determined by the material or the equipment?
So my question is - is it worth getting the mid range rather than the basic spec to start off? (assuming I like the process and will use it semi frequently?)

Recommendations? I've seen this I3 or equivalents are pretty good...
£35 cheaper than yesterday!

Still not quite convinced whether I would use one of these - maybe next year
I don't know this particular one, but I heard a lot of issues about 3D Printers so check reviews.
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