Wanted Man [A PC Heckenburg Short Story] Free Ebook @ kobo store

Wanted Man [A PC Heckenburg Short Story] Free Ebook @ kobo store

Found 4th May 2015
Get back to where it all started in this race-against-the-clock short story, as a young PC Mark Heckenburg tackles the first in a long line of very bad criminals… Including an extract of the new Heck novel, HUNTED. Publishing May 2015. It’s 1997 and PC Mark ‘Heck’ Heckenburg is patrolling the rain-lashed streets of Manchester. In the quiet hours of the early morning, nothing stirs. Until the crackle of Heck’s police radio signals that all isn’t well out there in the darkness… ‘The Spider’ – a housebreaker notorious for his violent, vicious assaults – has come out to play. And it looks like Heck’s about to become his prey…

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free on kindle also see comments credit to boz for kindle link
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Heat Added .... ALso Free Here As Well Op

A Wanted Man [A PC Heckenburg Short Story] [Kindle Edition]

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