War Film Box Set £4.99 Delivered @PLAY.COM
War Film Box Set £4.99 Delivered @PLAY.COM

War Film Box Set £4.99 Delivered @PLAY.COM

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Set Comprises:

Brotherhood (2004): Seoul: 1950. Jin-seok (Won Bin) and his older brother Jin-tae (Jang Dong-kun) run through the streets of their hometown, without a care in the world. They have clothes on their backs, food on the table, and a loving family. The brothers live with their mother, their much younger siblings, and Jin-tae's soon-to-be wife Young-shin (Lee Eun-joo).

This tranquil existence is shattered when war breaks out. North Korea has invaded, and the family is forced to abandon their home. While making the way to safer grounds, soldiers arrive and take Jin-seok into custody. All men capable of carrying arms must report for duty; Jin-tae tries to free his brother, but he too is captured and both siblings suddenly find themselves on an army train, heading straight to the war's front line.

With Southern forces failing to hold the Communist North's advance, Jin-tae organises a tight-knit group of conscripts and orchestrates a daring isolated attack. Earning the respect of the men and his superiors, with each increasingly suicidal mission, Jin-tae is promised to be awarded the Medal Of Honour that will enable him to demand Jin-seok be sent home...

Following his enormous breakout success with Shiri, a film that allowed South Korean audiences to approach the subject of their northern neighbour, Kang Je-gyu marshalled the biggest and most expensive project in Korean film history. By turns tragic, hopfeul and yet still horrifying, Brotherhood is a blistering treatment of the Korean War.

Drawing comparisons to Saving Private Ryan due to its de-saturated colour palette, step-printing editing during battle scenes and themes of duty-bound familial honour, the film, showcasing the penultimate performance of outstanding actress Lee Eun-joo who died shortly after production ended, will resonate with viewers all over the world.

9th Company (2005): Post-communist Russia's highest grossing film to date, 9th Company is a stirring and extremely timely modern day war movie on a par with Hollywood blockbusters Full Metal Jacket and Platoon.

Based on real life events 9th Company recounts a year in the shared loves of a group of young Soviet soldiers recruited to serve in Afghanistan for the final year of the Soviet conflict. It is the poignant story of the unit's dedication to both their country and each other during their final valiant defence of the Height 3234... a futile battle that ravaged the forgotten company who fought on, unaware the war had ended...

Intimate Enemies (2007): Algeria, 1959. Military operations are being stepped up. High in the mountains of Kabylia, Terrien (Beno?Magimel), an idealistic lieutenant takes over the command of a platoon at a French army outpost. Here he meets Dougnac (Albert Dupontel), a cynical sergeant. Their differences and the harsh realities in the field drive the two men to the breaking point. Lost in an undeclared war, they discover that their worst enemy is themselves.

From acclaimed director Florent Emilio Siri (Hostage), Intimate Enemies is a visually stunning war epic which shows the true brutality and horrors of war.


Great spot, any one of the films worth the 4.99 alone!

Brotherhood - 8.1 on imdb
9th Company - 7.4 on imdb
Intimate Enemies - 6.5 on imdb

Bargain though the films are foreign and are probably subtitled - but i love foreign films so - ordered thanks - brotherhood looks wkd

This collection includes; BROTHERHOOD (2004), brothers Jin-Seok and … This collection includes; BROTHERHOOD (2004), brothers Jin-Seok and Jin-Tae come from a poverty-stricken family who have placed all their hopes in Jin-seok, the younger of the two. When Jin-seok is drafted during the Korean War, Jin-Tae also joins up in order to tirelessly work for his brother's release. This moving war drama became the highest-grossing film in Korea.Based on real events, epic war movie 9TH COMPANY (2005) follows a group of Soviet soldiers from boot camp to fighting in Afghanistan and their battle against 400 Afghan rebels on the Djardan '3234' Heights in January 1989.INTIMATE ENEMIES (2007) Florent Emilio Siri wrote and directed this engrossing French drama which follows a French platoon during the Algerian War of Independence of 1954-1962. The film gives a more personal account of the devastating conflict; unflinchingly exposing the complex morality of the strategies used, and highlighting the psychological effect on the soldiers involved.

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