Warburtons gluten free crumpets down from £1.85, Asda - national deal

Warburtons gluten free crumpets down from £1.85, Asda - national deal

Found 1st Feb
Warburtons have recently rebranded their gluten free range with a new name and packaging. Asda are selling their crumpets at only £1 for a 4 pack, down from £1.85. this is a rollback offer, so national, rather than any local clearance. Lovely crumpets in my opinion, do need to be toasted hard to get the best out of them.
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LOAD OF RUBBISH UNLESS suffer from coeliac disease.

Gluten free foods contain more fat, salt and sugar than their gluten-containing equivalents, and are generally more than twice has expensive, a study has found.

Researchers at the University of Hertfordshire said it was clear that gluten free (GF) products offer no nutritional advantage to regular foods and are not a healthier alternative, which may surprise many consumers.

They also found that gluten free foods were 159% more expensive than their regular counterparts.

After comparing more than 1,700 food products from Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's, Morrisons and Ocado, they found that, with the exception of crackers, gluten free foods contained more fat, salt and sugar and also had lower fibre and protein content than their equivalents.

A GF diet is the only treatment option for those who suffer from coeliac disease but many more people in the UK and around the world avoid gluten foods as it is perceived to contribute towards a healthy lifestyle, leading to a huge increase in sales of GF foods in recent years.

But despite this increased interest, there have been limited studies in the nutritional composition of gluten free foods compared with their gluten-containing equivalents, the study authors said.

Researchers found the median total fat contents for GF brown and white bread were more than double those of regular products, while the median cost of GF brown and white bread and white and wholegrain flour was over four times the price of their equivalents.

25p a crumpet are they mad.
thomasleep20 h, 25 m ago

they don't even have gluten

Ohh I thought they gave the Gluten for free??.......I hate their confusing brand marketing .
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