Warehouse 13 Season 1 from £11.65 @ Zavvi

Warehouse 13 Season 1 from £11.65 @ Zavvi

Found 14th Oct 2010
First season only £11.65 using walkers rainy day code or a mere £12.95 without
ps also identical price over at the hut


not impressed with this series , rather tacky imo

Superb Show...Season two is even funnier with stronger storylines Highly recommended

bit of hash of other shows, main character very poor.

Generic, 'by the numbers', 'cookie cutter' pap.

X-files it's not.

Has this show got significantly better? I remember watching the first series (...this is the one with the guy from Dawson's Creek right?) and thinking it was pretty crappy so gave up after half a dozen or so... ...fast forward to last week and, during one of those moments when even though you have the full Sky package there's nothing on you wanna watch, I noticed the season 3 opener on my anytime planner so gave it a watch. It seemed much, much better and had some sort of parallel universe thing going on. Those who watch it regularly...has it got better?

EDIT...completely ignore this non-sensicle rambling, I am of course talking about Fringe...sorry, got a very bad cold at the moment so not thinking straight!
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