WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE, upto 75% off toys at The Entertainer

WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE, upto 75% off toys at The Entertainer

Found 9th Dec 2006
They have just started a clearance sale of a large selection of toys (over 100 different toys at the moment) including Action Man, Barbie, Batman, Bratz, Disney Cars, Furby, Dora The Explorer, Knex, My Little Pony, Pirates of the Caribbean, Polly Pocket, Subbuteo & Games.

Also make sure to use the vouchers depending on the cost of your purchase, you may want to use code ENTINV06 for £1 discount if your order is under £20 or PRICEDASH for 5% discount, which would be more beneficial for orders over £20.

Don't forget to use Quidco for a further 10% return in cashback, with this sale, as well as the vouchers and quidco, you'll be buying your gifts for practically nothing

Hope this is helpful.
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If anyone spots a great price in the sale, please let people know about it, as i don't know much about toys anymore :P
Thanks for this Worth a look through with the discounts available :santa:
have you found anything worth buying rayman, i know the mods love finding deals out of anything?
[COLOR=black]InteracTV Learning System £14.95 from £39.95 and the DVDs reduced from £14.95 to £5.95[/COLOR]
Electronic Talking Cluedo SFX
Half price was £30 now £15.

Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe Board Game
Was £15.00 Now £7.50

Lord of the Rings Plug N Play TV Game
Was £40.00 Now £10.00 - you save £30.00
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