Wario Land The Shake Dimension £27.49 @powerplay direct £26.94 with 2% off
Wario Land The Shake Dimension £27.49 @powerplay direct £26.94 with 2% off

Wario Land The Shake Dimension £27.49 @powerplay direct £26.94 with 2% off

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Wario Land The Shake Dimension Wario receives an antique globe and telescope that allow him to travel to the once-idyllic Shake Dimension, now conquered by the tyrannical pirate, the Shake King. With the assistance of his longtime rival, Captain Syrup, he must rescue the Merfles, denizens of the Shake Dimension imprisoned by the Shake King. Only by defeating the bosses of all five continents of this strange world can Wario find and confront the Shake King, rescue Queen Merelda, queen of the Merfles, and, most importantly, claim the Bottomless Coin Sack, a never-ending supply of gold.

With the Wii Remote controller turned sideways, veterans and newcomers alike can run, jump and smash their way through hectic side-scrolling stages. By shaking the Wii Remote, you can shake down your enemies, free coins from treasure bags and even cause earthquakes.
Each stage is a masterfully crafted side-scrolling obstacle course of puzzles, enemies and assorted hazards. Every stage holds numerous secrets and treasures to discover (and steal). And each stage has multiple missions to keep you coming back again and again to unlock everything, collect more coins or just improve your best time.
Wario returns to form, with all the jumping, power-dashing and butt-stomping we've come to expect. This is surly Wario at his finest

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