Warioland: The Shake Dimension for Wii at Woolworths £26.97
Warioland: The Shake Dimension for Wii at Woolworths £26.97

Warioland: The Shake Dimension for Wii at Woolworths £26.97

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Woolworths are currently offering Warioland, the new game for the wii at £26.97. Thought it was a pretty good price, good enough for me to buy a copy, and I'm usually dead tight when it comes to Wii games!
Even if this is not quite cheap enough, I think PC world will price match and take away 10% of the difference... only reason I didn't go for that myself is because I won some woolworths vouchers making it cheaper for me
Not sure how long the offer will last for, but the rrp is £34.99 on the woolie website, so perhaps a good deal?
Still not sure how to add a picture on here, so please, if anyone can, (or tell me how to) feel free!
Anyway, after rambling, hope this helps someone



Fantastic game. Don't be fooled by the reviews which say it's short - there's plenty to come back for.

i personally hated the game...but personally opinion, nothing more, good price nonetheless

This game should wake Sega up to bringing us some decent Sonic 2D style games!!! Come on Sega - you went near bust for a reason, making awful 3D Sonic games!

Anyway this game is a 7.5/10 in my opinion. Its a game for hardcore gamers.... 2D ones that is but the fact that Nintendo tried to make it for casual gamers kinda spoilt it.... and it can get annoying using the shake and tilt.....

Worth it at the price but do expect this to be in the bargain basement soon.....

I will buy it when its much cheaper for my collection, in the meantime I will play it when I am work - if I am bothered that is
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