Warioware Smooth Moves - Wii - £9.98 (@ Game Instore)

Warioware Smooth Moves - Wii - £9.98 (@ Game Instore)

Found 28th Apr 2009Made hot 28th Apr 2009
Just been into my local game and spotted - Warioware for £9.98 (Brand New)

This appears to be only instore.... this is more expensive online!

(Seems a good price to me - looked to be cheaper than their 2nd hand version they were also selling @ £19.98!!!)


Just bought this for £10 off ebay as well.

Though an old game now, this is quite fun. Well worth 10 quid, if only for the mini-games you can unlock.

This will be in the sale, as is a LOT of other games (Mainly pre-owned though)

Other noticeable deals are brand new black and white 360 controllers going down to £19.98 each


I'm getting into this game lately.

Thought it was really immature at first, then i had a few drinks and it all made sense :-)

Well worth a tenner. The party modes are hilarious.

for this sort of price - its a no brainer - its one of those titles thats been around for aw hile now and hasnt really dropped massively in price - until now!
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