WARNER ULTIMATE MATRIX COLLECTION £11.99 + 99p delivery @ argos-clearancebargains (ebay)

WARNER ULTIMATE MATRIX COLLECTION £11.99 + 99p delivery @ argos-clearancebargains (ebay)

Found 9th Oct 2010
In an age when humans are oppressed by artificially intelligent machines, one man seeks the truth about a mysterious program known only as The Matrix. As Neo (Keanu Reeves) delves deeper into a complex web of reality and illusion, he discovers that the entire human race is being kept in a simulated 20th Century and used as an energy source by their mechanical overlords. Accepting an offer to enter The Matrix, Neo finds himself at the centre of a resistance operation to take down the machines and save mankind. But his efforts are impeded by sentient agents whose job it is to prevent a human uprising. Neo receives guidance from Morpheus (Laurence Fishburn) and Trinity (Carrie Anne-Moss), a couple of human insurgents who help him realise his destiny as The One to lead them out of captivity. This definitive Matrix collection presents the complete Trilogy plus several spin-offs including THE MATRIX REVISITED, THE MATRIX RELOADED REVISITED, MATRIX REVOLUTIONS REVISITED, THE ROOTS OF THE MATRIX, THE BURLY MAN CHRONICLES, and THE ZION ADVENTURE.


I think for most people the main part of this set is the three films, which you can get in a blu ray boxset for a similar price.

This looks like the deleted 10 disc set (the reissued set only has 9 discs!!!!). At only a few quid cheaper than the DVD standard trilogy this is well worth the extra cash. The whole package looks great.

Best online price I can see for the 10 disc set is £59.99 @ HMV. This should be way hotter than this IMHO.
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