Wasteland 2 (Xbox One) - £9.60 @ Game

Wasteland 2 (Xbox One) - £9.60 @ Game

Found 11th Jan 2017
Seems like a good price for a new copy.

Wasteland 2 is a strategy RPG from renowned developers InXile. Immersing players in a tactical turn-based combat game, player’s level up RPG-style to gain experience, access to new items and new customization abilities while selecting a variety of choices that affect the overall narrative of the game as you progress through an infinitely replayable campaign. Wasteland 2 takes players back to the core of apocalyptic story-telling roots in video games while a visually striking narrative unfolds on the screen.
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is this game any good ???

is this game any good ???

Just watch some vids bud I mean if u like these style of games like xcom etc it's a steal at £10 and will get your money's worth

Or if you don't have xcom 2 that usually sells for £15 and it's more of a up to date game

is this game any good ???

If you're into turn based RPGs it's one of the best, and it works pretty well on console.
My sweet £18 Argos deal is sitting in my pile of shame unopened...
Very tempted.
Got this on Steam via a Humble Bundle ages ago but haven't got round to installing it due to a lack of hard drive space. Might pick this up instead... heat!
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