Watch_Dogs 2 £20.76 @ gamersgate (uPlay) PC

Watch_Dogs 2 £20.76 @ gamersgate (uPlay) PC

Found 6th Jun 2017
Possible £19.02 using TopCashBack

About the game:

Use hacking as a weapon in the massive & dynamic open world of Watch Dogs 2.

In 2016, ctOS 2.0, an advanced operating system networking city infrastructure, was implemented in several US cities to create a safer, more efficient metropolis.

Play as Marcus Holloway, a brilliant young hacker living in the birthplace of the tech revolution, the San Francisco Bay Area. Team up with Dedsec, a notorious group of hackers, and expose the hidden dangers of ctOS 2.0, which, in the hands of corrupt corporations, is being wrongfully used to monitor and manipulate citizens on a massive scale.

With the power of hacking and Dedsec by your side, launch the Hack of the Century, take down ctOS 2.0 and give freedom back to whom it belongs: the people.
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badly optimized game that does everything worse than GTA V

badly optimized game that does everything worse than GTA V

other than the 2 being open world and cars can be stolen they are completely different so saying it does everything worse is just nonsense. and I can't say I've personally had issues regarding performance even with all that fog
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