Watch_Dogs 2 PC (UPlay) £16.40 @ Gamersgate

Watch_Dogs 2 PC (UPlay) £16.40 @ Gamersgate

Found 27th Jun 2017
Ok, so not everyone on here seems to be a fan of this game on HUKD. I've never played either Watch_Dogs game and even though people are bashing it's PC performance its got a Metascore of 75 and Mostly Positive on Steam right now.

Offer is on for another 6 days at this price.

Activated via UPlay

I was personally waiting for it to go under £20.
It's £22.49 in the Steam summer sale right now.

Cheapest it's ever been according to (I know they don't show all the sites)

Looks like there is 5% Quidco also to save yourself a little more too!
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Sounds good to me. I loved the first one. Could never understand the stick the story got. Sure it wasn't original but it was reasonably well told and once you got your gadgets beating up the baddies was fun. Heat.
Great price thanks
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