Watch STV via STV player on youtube

Watch STV via STV player on youtube

Found 22nd Sep 2010
The STV Player on Youtube

Welcome to the STV Player - STV's Video on Demand service on Youtube. The only place to find the best of Scottish Television's back catalogue of classic programmes alongside the best new shows being broadcast by us today!

Brand new this week! STV Entertainment has the fantastic gameshow where two teams from different postcode areas battle for £25,000 - Postcode Challenge.

On top of this, from Sunday 19th September, STV Drama will be screening - The Last Legion an action-packed historical drama, starring Colin Firth and Ben Kingsley. Find it here for 30 days!

We've been broadcasting for over 50 years and our shows have covered a plethora of subjects and genres. Now we bring them to you, with an ever-increasing number of full-length and bite-sized videos covering everything from news to comedy and cookery to hard-hitting and edgy drama!
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Sorry, but STV is frankly awful. I try whenever possible to pretend it doesn't exist and instead watch ITV London on my digibox. I can't believe those lucky enough not to receive STV will actually choose to watch via the STV player!!!

Taggart repeats, Postcode Challenge, 40 year old films in primetime slots, cheap drama imports from Ireland, tacky phone-in quizes, Gaelic rubbish every night... I could go on and on. Nobody should be under the illusion that you're missing something good. You're not, STV is mostly rubbish.

The only decent programme (IMHO) that you may find on the STV Player is 'Underbelly - A Tale of Two Cities'. I give them credit for being the first UK network to show this. That's all I can say positive about STV.…ies
Does anyone know how to get this STV content on Youtube? Is there a main portal at Youtube or you just search for the programme you are looking for amongst everything else on there? I just went to Youtube and couldn't find a main page or list of available content.

This could of course be because everything etcereraz (above) says is correct, it's about time someone took Scottish independent television away from STV and gave it to someone with a better idea of how to run a TV service. The Chuckle Brothers perhaps.
Just click go to deal, all works ok for me
Click to deal goes to STV Player as was there anyway, not STV on Youtube. Not quite so simples.…yer

Same at the go to deal link, which is STV player, with youtube written at the top stangely enough.
I don't get it, am I being thick? Is this STV Player which has been available for ages or something new involving Youtube?
For those who are poor uni students and want to watch free TV
Yes but they could with STV Player - this Youtube new thing doesn't give even poor uni students anything that wasn't already there with the already existing STV Player.
STV is garbage
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