Watching the Watchmen £12.49 (plus postage if less than £15 or not on Prime)

Watching the Watchmen £12.49 (plus postage if less than £15 or not on Prime)

Found 2nd Sep 2008
Hotly anticipated book and I have not seen it this low so far - time to get your pre-orders in

Acclaimed as one of "Time Magazine's" 100 Best Novels, "Watchmen" is widely considered to be the greatest graphic novel of all time. "In Watching The Watchmen", artist Dave Gibbons gives his own account of the genesis of "Watchmen", opening his archives to reveal excised pages, early versions of the script original character designs, page thumbnails, sketches and much more, including posters covers and rare portfolio art.Featuring the breathtaking design of Chip Kidd and Mike Essl, "Watching The Watchmen" is both a major art book in its own right, and the definitive companion to the graphic novel that changed an industry.
RRP £24.99 - next cheapest seems to be Waterstones at £14.99

First deal submitted - apologies if I haven't linked correctly


Welcome to HUKD, I think people are voting cold on this because it will have post and packaging on top of it, it's best to include the P&P and show the total price. The only people who will get free delivery are those who make their order up to £14.99 or have Amazon Prime. Given it a bit of heat as it's a fantastic book and would definitely be worth it with the extras listed!

Yep, delivery takes it up to the average selling price of £14.99 delivered.

Worth a read though, especially with the movie out next year.

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Fair comment about P&P , I will edit accordingly . However Waterstones also charge P&P if you are under £15 (even if only by 1p) so the Waterstones price with P&P ends up at £17.49, so I still think this is a great deal on a like for like basis. I always keep a load of small items in my wish list so that I always have fillers to take me up to £15 but agree that not everyone works like that
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