WATCHMEN: The complete motion comic (2 DVD) £7.99 @ Play

WATCHMEN: The complete motion comic (2 DVD) £7.99 @ Play

Found 8th Mar 2009
The most important graphic Novel ever brought to you in semi-motion and sound form on 2 DVD's. All 12 issues overseen by Dave Gibbons - 5 hours long!!!!!

Watch the novel as it was meant to be.


I enjoyed this, the animation is good and well implemented, retaining the original artwork from the GN (so it's not like the animation of The Black Freighter posted here a couple of days ago). The main problem is that the entire (and I mean entire) series is voiced by one man who does a fantastic job really but... he also voices the women and it's a bit strange to say the least. Obviously doesn't include 'Under the Hood' and some of the subtle points are missed as you can't peruse over the page like you can with the GN so I'd recommend the GN over this any day of the week.

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I's just easier to get through - want a refresh before I go see the film at the IMAX in a couple of weeks
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