Water Butt Plysu with Lid and Tap 120ltr £11.99 reduced from £14.99

Water Butt Plysu with Lid and Tap 120ltr £11.99 reduced from £14.99

Found 12th Jul 2009
Just walking through Wilkinsons Peterborough and came across this beaut. Been looking for one of these for under £15 and this was reduced so even better.

Water butt complete with tap and child safety lockable lid.
Type: Water Butts Self assembly: NA
Capacity: 120ltr
Colour: NA
Depth: NA
Diameter: 52cm
Height: 78cm
Material: NA P
Pack quantity: 1
Size: 120ltr Width: NA
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or a bigger one Ward Water Butt 210ltr

for £16.99

120 litre
Dont forget it needs a stand or something to raise it up high enough to be able to use it:thumbsup:
good point. i have lots of breeze block bricks. i probably spelt it wrong but you get me
Good price, got mine from wilkinsons a few weeks back for same price
How much is delivery?
wilkos sell this standd to go with it - seems a bit steep, price wise

yea i agree. you can buy a normal big bucket for like a couple quid and do the same job. or use some bricks or anything to prop it up

How much is delivery?

Not sure either, but according to this page it looks like it's £5.50 unless it's classed as a big item.

Has anyone ordered one for home delivery?
Hot! I like big butts and I cannot lie

Hot! I like big butts and I cannot lie

Made me giggle

Great deal xx
Ours is stitting on an old tyre, seems to do the trick.
£9.99 for the stand is actually a pretty good price - but you only need a stand if you wish to use the tap. I have several butts, some with stands and some without . Fort those without stands, I just turn the tap to off, remove the butt's lid and dip the watering can in - it fills up immediately and is ready for use. Just a suggestion - if the top area is large enough.

Hot! I like big butts and I cannot lie

Marginally smaller one with stand, tap and connector kit for £24.00 at tesco direct

And you could probably use points double ups on that - £10 worth of vouchers plus £4. But then that would be plus delivery...
Delivery is £5.50 but have it delivered for collection from your local store and the charge is zero.
Placed an order for one a couple of hours ago.
Voted Hot.
i bought one. bargain price.
I have 4 Plysu 120 ltr water butts with rubber flat lids. I need 3 new lids, can you help me ?
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