WATER BUTT PUMP HOZELOCK 3 IN 1 £33.98 @Argos/Ebay

WATER BUTT PUMP HOZELOCK 3 IN 1 £33.98 @Argos/Ebay

£33.98eBay Deals
Found 6th Jan 2011
Great product and have a great reviews everywhere
Tesco £55.00
Amazon £47.23
B&Q £52.48
12 months warranty
This 300 watt quiet running pump makes using your stored water easy. Simply connect up to your garden hose and drop into your water butt, switch on, and water as if using from the garden tap.
This pump delivers 1.1 bar of pressure (better than some households get from the mains).
This pump can drive a spray gun, sprinkler, or micro irrigation system, (will operate the Hozelock Aquapod 10 for up to 60 days from an average 180-litre water butt).
Can also be used to empty paddling pools, baths etc, and will pump 2200 litres per hour.
Comes with 10m of 240v AC power cable and built in Hozelock hose connector.
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home colonic kit?

home colonic kit?

'micro irrigation system'
Guess for a small bore it would work as Colonic
butt pump?? he he
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