Water Margin Complete Series (13 DVD box set) - £39.99 delivered !!
Water Margin Complete Series (13 DVD box set) - £39.99 delivered !!

Water Margin Complete Series (13 DVD box set) - £39.99 delivered !!

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Water Margin Complete Series (13 DVD box set) is just £39.99 delivered @ WHSmith

Good price for the complete box set. £55 at Amazon. Choose FREE local store delivery. Thanks to puffopuffo for the pointer.

Synopsis : Set in China during the Sung dynasty, a group of outlaws have been forced to reside in the water margins of Liang Shan Po. These heroes fight against the injustices of the tyrannical government, and are thought by some to be the reincarnation of a group of brave knights.


Brilliant find edi ! :thumbsup:

Monkey Magic or Saiyûki as it was locally known in its native country Japan was produced by Kokusai Hoei and NTV, and first aired in Japan, October 1978. It was a favourite with the British school children of the late 70's and early 80's and it seemed to have a cult following during this time and older people will remember it well.

Although produced in Japan it had been comically dubbed into English with equally funky and comical sound effects and music. The star was actress Masako Natsume who played the main charachter Tripitaka (but at the time viewers were confused weather or not it was a man or a woman) the other charachters were Tripitaka's followers the pig monster - Pigsy, the fish demon - Sandy and last but by no means least Monkey.

The story follows the ancient chinese legend about the origins of Bhuddism. It charts the adventures as the heroes travel across China to India in there search for Bhudda to retrieve holy scriptures that can save the world. Highlights of the show are Monkey and his magic staff which can change instantly to any length, Kung-Fu fights and funky music, and the magic pink cloud which Monkey uses to travel around.


In the world before Monkey Primal chaos reigned,
Heaven sought order, but the Phoenix can fly only when its feathers are grown.
The four worlds formed again and yet again,
As endless aeons wheeled and passed.
Time and the pure essences of Heaven,
The moistures of the Earth,
And the powers of the Sun and the Moon
All worked upon a certain rock - old as Creation,
And it became magically fertile.
That first egg was named Thought,
Tathagata Buddha, the Father Buddha, Said
'With our thoughts we make the world'
Elemental forces caused the egg to hatch,
from it then came a Stone Monkey.
The nature of Monkey was irrepressable!


Born from an egg on a mountain top,
Funkiest Monkey that ever popped,
He knew every magic trick under the sun,
Tease the Gods and everyone and have some fun.
Monkey magic, Monkey magic,
Monkey magic, Monkey magic,
Monkey magic,
Monkey magic ooh!

Come on everyone sing along !

Its showing £49.00 now.

Have I done something wrong or have I missed the boat on this one ???
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