Water wipes £1.59 @ Superdrug

Water wipes £1.59 @ Superdrug

Found 30th Dec 2015
Water wipes £1.59 at Superdrug. Out of stock online but still available in store.
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Don't think they are worth the hype not as good as aldis and the actual wipe is rubbish
Although I don't use these, to the above comment, I think the idea is that they're something like 99% water rather than whatever ingredients other wipes use. I guess they're good for babies with highly sensitive skin etc.
Great deal as these are supposed to be very gentle on skin but are quite expensive
Looked at these in boots today as my youngest has really bad ezcema. I currently use the simple wipes on him but I'm struggling to get hold of any. Saw the price in boots and couldn't afford them (2 using baby wipes and nappies makes it expensive) so decided to try pampers newborn ones instead however despite the hype (gentle enough for newborn skin blah blah) he has had a reaction. I'll be down at super drug in the morning to get a pack of these to try!
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