water wipes 9 packs of 60 £13.00 @ Boots

water wipes 9 packs of 60 £13.00 @ Boots

Found 29th Oct 2014
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In case anyone was wondering:

Product descriptionWhat is in WaterWipes?99% purified waterCitrus Grandis … Product descriptionWhat is in WaterWipes?99% purified waterCitrus Grandis see extract (aka grapefruit seed extract)Water wipes are suitable from birth. Newborn babies skin is 5 times thinner than adults! That’s why their skin is so sensitive and other wipes are not suitable.We know that parents need to change their baby's nappy up to 10 times a day. Imagine wiping those ingredients on your baby's skin 70 times per week and then locking them up with a nappy. There is no product that you would use that many times, even as an adult.Water wipes are great for nappy rash and other sensitive skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis because WaterWipes doesn't irritate the skin. In fact WaterWipes are the only baby wipes ever to be approved by Allergy UK.How to UsePeel back label. Pull out one wipe at a time through the hole. Reseal labe after use to keep wipes moist. Dispose of the wipe after use. Do not flush. Do not dismantle or cut open the pack. Do not transfer to another container.Hazards and CautionsTo avoid risk of choking or suffocation, keep wipes and plastic bags away from babies and children.IngredientsWater (99.9%), Grapefruit seed extract (0.1%)

Thank you for the description. I'm adding it whilst entertaining a baby
If you're going to vote cold then show me a cheaper price. I use these
Great, £1.44 a pack is a very good price for these thank you OP! Just stocked up!
These are crap

These are crap

Not if your child has eczema/sensitive skin that can not take the other chemical based wipes even those that say for sensitive skin.

These are very practical when out and about when cotton wool and water is not always possible.
£1:44 a pack is a deal, even better than when amazon has its deals. Plus points too... Can't go wrong ...
These are great last ages you only need one wipe at a time unlike Johnson's etc when you use 10!
These are ideal to use when baby has nappy rash and to wipe around the mouth when they get a spotty rash from drooling constantly. I only buy these when these instances occur as they are expensive for what they are so get them while they're hot!

These are crap

How? They definitely are not "crap" they are a complete god send. I use them every time and we do spend a fortune but ONCE I ran out and used pampers on my baby and when I got home her bum looked red raw. Never again. Water Wipes all the way, despite the price but at this price..hot hot hot.

These are crap

speak for yourself. These are the next best thing to washing your baby's bum using pure water and for helping clearing and even preventing nappy rash.
Great wipes and great price
Perfect for those sensitive bums
Thanks bought 2 boxes click and collect. Arms like Popeye now carrying that lot back to the car lol.
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