Water world Water park at Stoke on Trent, £7.99 per person

Water world Water park at Stoke on Trent, £7.99 per person

Found 13th May 2015
£7.99 per person at water world up to 5 person

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Valid from 22/5 to 31/5
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Will Kevin Costner be there?
Water park at Stoke on Trent, some pretty cool slides but let down for me by price and the fact it severely needed renovating the last time I was there.
For anyone interested, Groupon have an offer of £8.99 for one adult and one child but that email offer is better than what you pay at the door, I went last weekend and they've now introduced parking charges!
This deal on Amazon local tops it at £7 per adult and its valid for nearly 3 months http://local.amazon.co.uk/Nottingham/B00VEEP024/entry-to-waterworld-water-park
Its does seems a bit rich though calling a child and adult (if they are over 1.1m tall)! With this and and the parking charge now on top of the fact that it is a smelly, grimy place; it makes you wonder what they are thinking (have they still got those blobs of, what look like, chewing gum in the rust holes in the supports for the slides)?
Mmmmm, was actually considering buying tickets as its my sons bday on the 25th May, but have decided not to, the rust filled holes have put me off, thanks tho, plus I doubt Kevin will be there so definitely not a goer !
Surely bit of a cheek to introduce parking costs as well, as their pricing system is already questionable (peak/off peak/height rather than age etc) It's quite expensive for what it is already, and with even spectators having to pay a good fee this additional cost may just put people off going
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thought this was a good offer until saw the groupon offer so opted for that. saved me a few pounds. thanks loads
I think the parking charges are due to the fact that a lot of bet365 staff Park there due to there not being nearly enough parking provision by the company...
If parking is charged to put off people from neighbouring businesses parking why not refund it off admission prices? It's just an easy way to get more money off visitors...
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