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Posted 16 January 2023

IP55 Wireless Door Bell, Cordless Battery Operated at 1300ft Long Range, Plug in Chime Kit with 55 Chimes & 5 Volume £9.80 @ Amazon

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About this deal

- Weatherproof Doorbell - IP55 waterproof rating front doorbell to withstand the harsh weather (working at -22 °F to 158 °F). Low power consumption transmitter with high-quality battery that boasts 3-year maximum lifespan
- Ultra-Long Wireless Coverage - This wireless doorbells boast a remote connection of up to 1300 ft, the strong and stable wireless signal ensures that you can hear the doorbell chime clearly, even if you are a few rooms away or on another floor
- Loud Doorbell -The Plug-in doorbell receiver has featured 55 chimes and 5 adjustable volume levels ranging from 0 to 110 dB. The built-in memory chip will remember your last settings without resetting after the power outage
- Easy and Quick to Install -Simply plug the receiver into a power outlet and fix the button to the exterior wall with the provided within 30 seconds. You could install it anywhere inside, home, garden, office, mailbox
- Expandable Doorbell System - Up to 64000 learn code mean you can add the same model receivers and push buttons to expand your home bell system. Free lifetime technical support. You feel free to contact us for any product and order problems-your satisfaction is paramount

What's in the box?

1 x plug-in receiver, 1 x transmitter, 1 x door plate, 1 x 12V23A battery, 1 x screwdriver, 2 x dowels, 2 x double-sided adhesive tape, 1 x instruction manual

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Cheers Frank

Work out of the box and convenient to use. The portable button allows you to place it at will,
such as living room, kitchen, garage, garden, mailbox,etc.

DOOR SIGN: The additional door sign gives your visitor a better reminder

The wireless range of up to 1300 ft (measured in open space) ensures you can hear the bell chime clearly, so you won't worry to miss your visitors and delivery even if you're in another room or floor

55 Chimes & 5 Volume(0-110dB)

55 different ringtones and 5 adjustable volumes ranging from 0-110 dB. This is loud enough. Of course, you can set it to 0 mute modes when you don't want it to disturb you

Blue LED Flashes

Both the button and the receiver have LED lights that flash when someone presses the button, which is a very friendly feature for the hearing impaired and the elderly

DIY Your Home Doorbell System

You can extend the coverage of your home bell by adding additional transmitters or receivers of the same model, they can match your existing doorbell

IP55 Weatherproof Doorbell Button

Outdoor waterproof button, adapt to various climates in different parts of the UK, working temperature is -22 °F to 158 °F
High-Performance Battery

The battery-powered doorbell remote button uses 1 x 12V23A ordinary battery with a life expectancy of up to 3 years. You don't have to worry about having to replace it often

Memory Function

The built-in memory chip ensures that the door chime remember the music and volume you previously set, even if the power outage, you do no need to reset

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  1. john_n3MU's avatar
    excellent piece of kit 18 months in use at my gaff and works brill. Nice and Loud too.
    amour3k's avatar
    Just what I want to hear. :-D

  2. BenWootton-e69b9.96461's avatar
    Have this and it's pretty decent and has lasted.
    derryneeve's avatar
    How long do the batteries last in the bell push? Have bought a few of these and the batteries are eaten in a few days. Not this brand though. (edited)
  3. Tunc's avatar
    Great bit of kit, recommend.
  4. amour3k's avatar
    Ring, ding dong, ringa ding ding dong.

    Keep the head's ringing ...

    tjc2005's avatar
    I want what you're having.
  5. SJ01's avatar
    Typical price for these bells really, probably a couple quid off.
  6. gazdoubleu's avatar
  7. Ukguy101's avatar
    55 chimes. My dad used to have one like Del boy what played different national anthems lol!
  8. heathersonline's avatar
    Is the light on/visible on the button all the time or only when pressed?
    ledigi's avatar
    My guess would be only when pressed, otherwise the battery won't last for a long time
  9. amour3k's avatar
    Wow!, now that is CHEAP! :-D

    At first first glance it looked a bit like Ring. :-)

    As in, Ring, taken to the 'next level', or something ...

  10. scottydogg81's avatar
    Shame it's plug in and takes up a plug socket 👎
    john_n3MU's avatar
    what are you on about?
  11. trex's avatar
    Looks disposable
  12. monkeez's avatar
    £90 installation
  13. JDUK2020's avatar
    Works very well. Loud and decent number of chimes.I use some loud fanfare sound that certainly grabs your attention.
  14. Bolkyloren's avatar
    Would 2 work off same socket
  15. HOTPOT's avatar
    I would like one like this, but with a battery chime.
  16. Stormpooper's avatar
    400m range, really? that is impressive if true.
  17. Toonah's avatar
    Seems pretty good for being so cheap - is it likely to "stick" in properly if not using a screw? Wondering if it's likely it'll be nicked otherwise
    _XEM_Ajax_'s avatar
    Who's gonna steal half a doorbell
  18. toz's avatar
    Just bought. Thanks OP
  19. loha's avatar
    I am after 3 chimes and two push buttons and I see that they sell this as a package for £35. Does anyone know if I can purchase individually, as cheaper, but say have one push button operate two of the chimes at the same time?
  20. Dan_Chapelle's avatar
    This is a very chavvy thing to ask but does it have a Christmas song chime? It's kinda traditional!
  21. MyNameIsMyName's avatar
    How is it 9.80? After 20% it comes to 10.98
    dp2429's avatar
    Because the price has increased from last month!
  22. markthedoc's avatar
    £11.99 now 🫤
's avatar